Locked Out of The World

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After the trees started to be used unneeded ly, the environment itself started to collapse. Everyone was moved into a dome that covered almost all of the earth. This dome had artificial oxygen and
was the only way they could stay alive.

The emperor discovered that there was a special breed of humans that had been born with superhuman abilities. He had planned to use their powers to defend earth against the other species in the
galaxy, but his plan backfired. When the other species discovered that earth had people with specials powers they tried to kidnap them. This caused multiple wars to break out, most were started by
the Haghoforghs, one of the most powerful extraterrestrial groups known to man. This caused the emperor to go into an outrage and he banished all the special humans, known as Mecha's, outside the
domes hoping they would die off.

Eva is a Mecha who has lived on her own since she can remember. Eva has always thought that the test was wrong and that she was not actually a Mecha because she does not have a power. One day, when
she is almost killed by government officials, she ends up meeting a group of Mecha's who try and help her. She discovers that she does actually have a power and her power is the only way to help
save the world from the Haghoforghs who want to kill off the human race.

With the rest of the Mecha's, she must avoid getting caught by the government as she goes inside the dome to try and warn the emperor who may not even listen to her kind. She must try and blend
into a new world that she has no idea about while dealing with the struggles of having the safety of the human race resting on her shoulders.

Will Eva crack under the pressure of trying to blend into the society that she does not understand while still trying to protect the world? Or will she succeed?

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Chapter One

Submitted: June 06, 2018

Eva had been awake for a few hours now, at first she was trying to find food for her to eat today. When she couldn’t find any, she in... Read Chapter