After the Pale Moon

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A flash-fiction with a planet exploration, science fiction, touch. Where did everyone go?

Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



"How long have we been here, Commander?" asked First Officer Jason Benzoff

"In earth time, about three months," replied Commander Sandra Billings. "Why do you ask?"

The First Officer kicked a stone and sent it off an embankment and into a river. Then he replied, "Oh, no reason I guess. It just seems to me that we should have found something alive by now. You know, something moving around."

"Yes I do, Jason," the Commander stated as she put a hand on his shoulder.

Then she continued by saying, "It is such a shame to come all this way just to find a big question mark. Here is this beautiful planet, so much like earth, yet the only things we have detected as living are the vegetation.

Take this forest for instance, on earth this forest would have all sorts of creatures flying, crawling, and running around. And there would be fish in the streams and lakes to boot. But on Talon-4 there is not so much as an ant to be seen." 

Suddenly Science Officer Wilfred Donner called to the Commander, "Hay Commander, the drone has picked up an object about two Clicks south,

The Commander's eyes grew wide and she was quick to ask, "Is it a life form?"

Donner Replied, "It might be, but we won't know for sure until we actually see it. Let's not get our hopes up, these instruments have been wrong twice before and I suspect that it has to do with the atmosphere in this forest. Whatever it is, it isn't moving."


The three traveled the Two Clicks in a Ground Transport that strongly resembled something from a Star Wars movie. 

The Detection Drone was hovering over a spot where it last detected its target, but there was nothing visible except plant life.

The three spread out and Jason jumped a gully to get a better look under an outcrop of rock.

"Well Crap," stated the Commander, "I don't see a thing around here. Do you see anything, Donner?"

"Just ferns and tree branches waving in the breeze," Donner replied with a laugh attached. Then Donner yelled across the gully at the First Officer, "What about you Jason, see anything?"

Jason bounded across the gully to where the others were standing and stated, "I thought that I saw something moving under those rocks, but it must have just been shadows from the trees."

The Commander smiled and told the others, "Let's head back to the Landing Craft.

In the same moment the Commander's communication device signaled her.

"Yes Nadia, what is it?" the Commander said as she answered.

Nadia, the communication's officer, replied, "Commander, we have to blast-off in less than two hours, that is if we are going home during this time cycle."

"Ready the Landing Craft, Nadia; we will be back there shortly. We are going home."

"Copy That."

While chuckling Jason replied, "But Commander, don't you want to stay to see what the moons are going to do? It looks like the red one may raise soon.

Hay, maybe werewolves will materialize when it does, or even vampires."

The Commander laughed while giving Jason a push toward the Transport. Then she said, "We've got all the data and images that we can handle, maybe you can find a werewolf or vampire hidden in one of those.

No, we aren't going to waste any more time around here. If we can get to the landing craft within the time-frame then we're out of here."


Well the four left, but missed what they came for.

You see, on this planet every living thing sleeps from the rise of the pale moon until the red moon takes its place. 

So if they had waited a little longer before going home then they would have seen the creatures they were looking for.

They would have seen them, every shape and size; from creatures smaller than ants to those much larger than elephants.

Yes, when the red moon's light touches the land it seems to call them out of their Hibernation Hollows; all deep within the surface of this planet.

And that's when the feeding begins. The ravenous feedings!



D. Thurmond/JEF


© Copyright 2019 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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