KIA - Episode 9 (Gary's Enemy)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Gary's idea to identify his true enemy is by unleashing a series of brutal arrests across Chiltern; including those of innocent civilians. He believes it's one way of getting KIA to present
himself. In the mean time, we observe distinct behavioural features of Troy, a character known for his witty and unconventional thinking. The tables slowly turns towards the pressure of pushing
Gary out of office.

Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



[Scene 1: Previously on 'KIA']

(News Telecast is being screened)

NEWS REPORTER 1 - The city speaks of this day as a black day for modern day criminal and terrorist plots. At around 5:27 in the morning, two sniper shots fell into the Mayor's estate through the windows. Fortunately, the Mayor was perfectly safe, while one of his cabinet ministers, Mr. Grayson got killed in action. Mr. Grayson was a financial adviser to the Mayor, and his demise has been cried out by families close to him this noon.

In latest news, a fire had been set off at an old warehouse in the outskirts of Chiltern. It's noted that this was the same location identified as Simon Pearson's hideout. Simon Pearson, who is recognized as a mafia enemy of the current Mayor, Gary Norman. The news from the Mayor's estate claims that it was Simon's plot to assassinate him for attaining the highest power in the city. Coincidentally, officers believe Simon had committed an act of suicide along with his henchmen. The evidence came out once the fire was put off, and blood specimen were obtained from the fire incident. As of now, the claim states the demise of Simon Pearson too.

(Kaiser is position sitting on his sofa chair, one leg above the other with his foot shaking, his hands are held together as his fingers touch each other; as he's thinking. We see him from the back of sofa chair, watching the news telecast and responding)

KAISER - Well played.

[Scene 2]

(5:20 in the morning; Gary plans on unleashing his plan to all of Chiltern)

PA 1 - 5:27 right?

GARY - You heard me. Get the police up and running.

(At 5:27 sharp, Gary orders the police to partake in brutal arrests of civilians in Chiltern. He sees this as a means of identifying the ruthless weeds in his city, as well as tampering with his enemy's emotions)

CIVILIAN 1 - Ah! (In pain as he's beaten brutally) What I do wrong?!

(Police are rampaging across the entire city making fierce arrests of everyone. The city catastrophe bell is struck to inform everyone. We witness chaos in Chiltern Central as there's a mix of innocent civilians, police officers, and psychopathic criminal releases)

MITCH - (Watches all the chaos from his window; he answers a call) Hello?

KIA - Explain.

MITCH - I-It's not in my power. He's done something, and I don't know why.

KIA - Why innocent civilians?! (Yelling)

MITCH - (Yelling back) I don't fucking know! Alright! It's not in my power! Yesterday I helped out, now the tables have turned! I can't steer this ship anymore!

KIA - Do something, or I do it myself.

MITCH - (Silent and conflicted) Fine (Hangs up the phone).

[Scene 3]

(Chiltern East High School; The school is being round up by police officers under Gary's commands)

OFFICER 2 - Get in the classes! No student in the building! I repeat! None!

(Principal is alerted and tries to talk to the officers)

PRINCIPAL - What's happening here?! (Yelling)

OFFICER 3 - Back off! It's a round up! (Yelling)

PRINCIPAL - Ah what? (Confused)

(The officers attempt to round up every classroom to gather all the students)

STUDENT 1 - Dude what the fuck?!

TEACHER - Everyone down!! Now!

(The  class gets down too; they all follow terrorist attack protocols. All students, including Troy are down and against the wall; away from the window)

TROY - (Whispers) Cover me up.

STUDENT 2 - What're you doing?

TROY - Sneaking into the lab, don't alert anyone.

STUDENT 2 - Dude, fucking stay down. This isn't a drill.

TROY - Fuck the drill, they'll still get us anyways.

STUDENT 2 - Dude, I'm warning you. This is the real deal.

(Troy sneaks into the chemicals storage lab next to him, via the connecting classroom door. Troy immediately tries to locate Potassium and Sodium Chips from a container, stored in oil. He caries these chips as they are in these oil-filled containers and gathers up to 7 plastic containers with water. He walks out into the corridor from the lab room, and as he spots each group of officers, he places a potassium or sodium chip in the water-filled plastic containers and pelts them)

OFFICER 4 - My face! (In pain) What the fuck just exploded?!

OFFICER 5 - Check over that corner! Someone's over there!

(Troy quickly scurries off and hides behind the boy's bathroom door; as he peeks outside he finds three more officers to his right; he takes another chip and pelts them using the water-filled containers)

OFFICER 6 - Ay! Ay! He's running that way! Get him!!

(Troy is seen running around the school corridors until he runs into his classroom)

TEACHER - Troy! What're you doing?!

TROY - Sorry, Ms. Fletcher. I-I just borrowed some of these chips.

TEACHER - Is this a time to play with potassium and sodium, Mr. Nowitzki?

TROY - How about all those who're with me grab a few, and test which substance is more reactive. It'll be 10th Grade Chemistry all over again.

(Some of Troy's closest friends get their backs and join Troy)

TEACHER - If you boys step out of this classroom, you'll face terrible consequences.

TROY - (Looks at the teacher) Sometimes you have to work your way out of the system to get things done. Laying low for a good one hour isn't going to do much when theyre still lying around.

(Troy and his mates quickly hustle and begin pelting sodium and potassium bombs at officers; simultaneously, then make their way out of the school and back home)

[Scene 4]

(Evans' Estate; Mitch Hutchinson has walked in with shocking news)

EVANS - (Answers the door) Officer.

MITCH - Mr. Evans (walks into his house).

(They both sit down)

EVANS - What can I help you with? Wine?

MITCH - No, thank you.

(Evans helps himself with a glass of wine)

MITCH - How's your wife holding up?

EVANS - A bit better. The medication really came into power these past couple of days.

MITCH - (Wondering) I see.

EVANS - What brings you here?

MITCH - Well's come to my notice that the Mayor's life is endangered.

EVANS - I-I see.

MITCH - And so, it's practically a legal order, what I'm doing right now.

EVANS - Which is?


EVANS - You're going to arrest me?

MITCH - It's an order, Mr. Evans.

EVANS - What the hell are you even on about?

MITCH - You're Gary' political enemy. He's deemed you under charges of treason.

EVANS - What the fuck are you saying? Treason??

MITCH - It's not in my power to reveal further details. All I can say is, you're going to be detained.

EVANS - (Stands up) Are you folks insane? You walk into my house, wreck everything I ever had, and then stroll off into the sunset with me in jail?

MITCH - (Stands up) You realize I have no authority- (gets cut off).

EVANS - Enough with this bullshit (Yelling). Ever since that happened I've not gotten myself into any of this business. You need evidence? I'll send you everything!

(Mitch is getting tired of his whining and can't do his job properly)

EVANS - My Citizenship Card, ID Proof, Driver's License. What do you want?

MITCH - I'll have none of that talk. Mayor has the power, and you're being detained tomorrow morning.

EVANS - I have a right to a fair trial here, Mister....(reads his name badge) Hutchinson.

MITCH - (Turns to look at him) You're not getting an authorized hearing.

EVANS - This is ridiculous. This is a land of law and order, and I will- (gets cut off).

MITCH - Will you please stop! (yells).


MITCH - I'll say it again; it's not in my power. As much as I do know you, my hands are tied to these very legal orders. It's my duty to inform you before hand, before you are detained tomorrow. Have a pleasant evening, Mr. Evans (turns and leaves the estate).

(Evans is still in shock over the news delivered to him)

[Scene 5]

(Across several police stations in Chiltern; many innocent civilians and psychopaths have been jailed under the orders of Gary)

CIVILIAN 6 - (Whining and Crying) Please let me go! I-I have a child at home! Please!

OFFICER 7 - Shut up! (Yells)

(Meanwhile on the roads; KIA is fighting off the police officers. He's practically using his genetic superiority to attack and kill these brutal officers. The civilians respond to such fight sequences in awe as they cannot seem to fathom how they're being protected)

OFFICER 10 - (Injured by KIA; calls Mitch) Chiltern Central....West Pavilion...Now.

(Mitch makes a run for it and arrives at this location, where he witnesses a pile of dead police officers; as if a pile of garbage at the junkyard)

MITCH - (In shock) What the fuck.

(KIA reappears from behind and confronts Mitch)

KIA - It's time you stop being a loyal dog to the elephant sitting in the mayor's office.

MITCH - Listen, you don't understand any of these legal pressures.

KIA - Don't give any of that bullshit. Your officers have imprisoned hundreds of innocent civilians, and for what?! (yelling) God knows why.

MITCH - He's trying to find you.

KIA - What?

MITCH - His assistant spoke to us early in the morning, stating the only way to put these series of terror attacks to rest, was to identify this mysterious enemy and silence him. That one way was this.

KIA - Brutal Turmoil? Really?

MITCH - He knew you'd come out.

KIA - (Pauses, then in a passive aggressive tone) Which side of the coin are you on now?

(Mitch does not respond; he gives off a mere aggressive stare)

KIA - Chiltern collapses because of wusses like you. (Turns and heads back) It's why I'm around.

[Scene 6]

(Hyatt Hotel; it's 7:50pm. Troy's STEM Competition Award Ceremony)

SPEAKER - It brings me great pleasure to announce the school winners of the STEM Competition.

MOM - (Whispers) What do you think?

TROY - (Whispers) I already know I'm winning.

(Mid-way through Troy appears as school winner for his STEM design. After which...)

SPEAKER - And now....the overall winner of the STEM competition. This is the winner who stands out amongst all other school winners in this contest. The winner is....Troy Nowitzki, for his outstanding simulation of a possible nuclear fusion reactor.

(Applause is heard from the audience as Troy receives a trophy for his achievement. Later on, the judges are in conversation with Troy)

JUDGE 1 - That was quite an impressive simulation you presented us.

TROY - Thank you very much.

MOM - He's very much into the sciences and engineering.

JUDGE 2 - I can tell. A boy your age, explaining the complexity of parameters to sustain a nuclear fusion reaction. It's simply mindblowing.

TROY - The school curriculum isn't that advanced, to be honest. I had to a ton of self-reading to get ahead of the game.

JUDGE 3 - As in?

TROY - For starters, the school syllabus for the sciences like Physics just place the theoretical concepts into perspective for the students. You know, the usual stuff like leptons and hadrons. They don't give too much depth for ideas like nuclear fusion. One statement; it happens in the sun.

JUDGE 2 - Well, you're anyways going to study further at university, right?

MOM - Ah (chuckles) That's just Troy. Always trying to pull legs on the education system.

JUDGE 1 - Well, nobody's perfect. Not even the education system.

TROY - True.

JUDGE 1 - I wish you all success in your future. Hopefully we could work together on a something path-breaking.

TROY - It would be an honor, sir. Thank you very much (shakes hands with all the judges).

(Once the judges leave)

MOM - Enough nitpicking on the education system, Troy.

TROY - Hey, it had to be said. No one's creating jack-shit, even for a STEM competition. You saw the runner-up's idea; a freaking applied vacuum cleaner for air filtration? Seriously? That's a rip-off from a Dutch inventor.

MOM - Listen, you've got to control this reflex of yours. It's like a trigger or something, where you always have to find your way out of a system.

TROY - Systems are working in harmony whilst in academic theories such as the sciences and humanities. It doesn't work well in human systems, simply because of the mere influence of human emotions, which spontaneously alters choice and hence the eventual decisions to work a system.

MOM - Oh boy, let's go home.

[Scene 7]

(Gary's Estate; he's sipping his glass of whiskey and thinking about his enemy)

PA 1 - Plans seems to be working well.

GARY - Is it?

PA 1 - The aggression should be enough to get him outside.

GARY - (Smiles) I need him. I need him in my face anytime soon.

(Lights shut down completely in the estate)

PA 1 - What happened? (Yells) Someone get the light technicians in this place!

GARY - (Looks up in curiosity) If my guess is correct....

PA 1 - What?

(KIA springs into action and kills his assistant; he locks the mayor's office doors tightly, and closes the windows and curtains)

GARY - (In Shock) My god!

(Walks in front of him, such that he can clearly see him)

GARY - (Sips his whiskey) You are?

KIA - You wanted me.

GARY - (Smiles) You? (Chuckles) What a cunt you are.

KIA - (Walks in circles around him) Clever plan....too bad it's not working out for you.

GARY - (Chuckles) Intimidation is a sign that I'm doing something right. One order, that's all it ever took me.

KIA - One man, that's all it was to make you start this fire.

GARY - (Ego begins to get to him) Mind introducing your marvels to me?

KIA - I'm sure you've seen enough. Either that, or you're a blind leader.

GARY - (Lifts his glass to aim at him, but calms down soon after) Name?


GARY - KIA? (Chuckles) What?

KIA - (Whispers in his ear) You still think Simon is dead?

(Gary is astonished)

KIA - You still think the cops outside are alive?

(Gary is astonished)

KIA - You think you're still going to be in office after all this?

GARY - What did you do.

KIA - Let's just say, you're not going to last any longer in office.

GARY - (Breaks the whiskey glass on the floor in frustration) You haven't changed one bit in your intentions; giving me a hard time. I ought to have cunts like you tied to a missile and launched into the motherfucking ocean.

KIA - (Senses his pulse) 150 beats per minute? My god, so tensed up you are.

GARY - Huh?

KIA - Now I'm no doctor, but if I get that more than 190 beats per minute, you won't last long.

GARY - (Attempts to strangle KIA) Son of a bitch!

(KIA camouflages and begins to haunt Gary in this pitch darkness)

GARY - (In fear) Hey! You motherfucking animal! (Yelling) Stop hiding!!

(KIA makes a tiger growl)

GARY - (In fear) Is that a fucking tiger?! G-Get security! (yells).

(KIA scratches Gary's back using tiger claws)

GARY - Ah!! (In pain, and on the floor).

(KIA steps in front of his face, which is on the ground)

KIA - I'm not going to kill you. Fear is more painful than death.

GARY - (Gasping in pain) Fuck your proverbs. W-What do you want?! (Yells in pain).

KIA - Given up already?

GARY - What! Do you want?! (Yells in pain)

KIA - Get out, or be forced out.

GARY - You don't just come into my office and order me to leave.

KIA - (Bends down to see his face; while talking his tiger eyes appear) Is that an option you have?

(Gary now fears his tiger eyes)

KIA - I'm leaving the doors locked (jumps out of the window and escapes through camouflage).

[Scene 8]

(Evans' Estate; Evans is left wondering why he's been sentenced to a jail-term by Gary)

EDGAR - (Answers a phone call) Hello?

EVANS - It's me.

EDGAR - Mr. Evans! How're you doing?

EVANS - I-I don't know how to explain my current situation.

EDGAR - What's wrong?

EVANS - I've been given a jail sentence.

EDGAR - What? (confused).

EVANS - They've charged me of treason.

EDGAR - Treason? What're you talking about?

EVANS - Gary...

EDGAR - Fair trial?

EVANS - No! None of that, they said.

EDGAR - This is insane.

EVANS - I-I can't hold up any longer, I've almost lost all willpower.

(Edgar is listening)

EVANS - Consider this my last phone-call.

EDGAR - Mr. Evans- (gets cut off as he cuts the call).

(Meanwhile...KIA gets a phone call)

KIA - Hello?

EDGAR - Listen, we probably don't have much time. I-I want you to look after Mr. Evans.

KIA - What're you talking about?

EDGAR - Just go look after him. I'm having second thoughts about a phone-call he just gave me.

KIA - Alright.

(Meanwhile at Evans' Estate; It appears that Evans is attempting to hang himself to escape the hell of events occurring to him ever since the election season. He's seen slowly setting up the noose of the rope. Meanwhile, we find KIA rushing to Evans' estate and ringing the intercom)

KIA - (On the intercom) Hello?

(No answer)

KIA - Hello?

(KIA decides to sneak into his estate and break open the door)

KIA - Mr. Evans! (yells after entering his place).

(Evans is alerted and immediately begins to hang himself)

KIA - Mr. Evans! (Rushes to his room) What're you doing?! (Tries to release him).

EVANS - Stop!! Stop doing this to me! (Yells back at him).

KIA - Come back! Now! This is insane!

(Evans is eventually released from the suicide attempt and on the ground; laying on KIA's lap)

EVANS - (Crying) I-I can't help it. M-My son, M-My wife, M-Me....I-I can't take it.

KIA - Suicide isn't the option.

EVANS - There's nothing for me to live for! (Yells in pain). My reputation, my family, my need for security and love, (crying) all gone!

KIA - (Holds him against his chest to calm him down) Listen, i-it's traumatizing; I understand that. Chiltern deserves you, not the one right now. Hang in there for a little while. Don't let your death go in vain.

EVANS - The Lord...(tears) couldn't give back my sense of belonging in this humble home, which is now turned into a hell house.

KIA - You still have some power in you to end this nightmare. Believe me when I say this; we are almost there. It's a promise, when I say tomorrow will change everything.

[Scene 9]

(Chiltern Central Police Department; Mitch Hutchinson is discussing an important proposal with the Commissioner)

COMMISSIONER - This proposal of yours, which you wanted to discuss about; Explain.

MITCH - Gary's Records.

COMMISSIONER - Non-existent. Next.

MITCH - New records of Gary. They've recently come to surface.

COMMISSIONER - What're you blabbering about?

(Mitch drops the record files on his desk)

MITCH - Emotional blackmailing, unauthorized decision to release psychopathic criminals, and the abuse of law enforcement to inflict harm on civilians.

COMMISSIONER - The release of psychopathic criminals were indeed authorized.

MITCH - Yes, but at the cost of blackmailing the judge in-charge of ruling the decision.

COMMISSIONER - Seriously? (Reads the internals of that case document and notices the reliability of the evidence provided) Abuse of Law Enforcement? We had a rational reason for doing that.

MITCH - It was abuse of power to identify a non-existent enemy of the mayor.

COMMISSIONER - Non-existent? Seriously?

MITCH - No such enemy figure showed any form of reaction to the happenings of the past day.

COMMISSIONER - But we don't know who he's talking about, so how do you identify with this person's responsiveness?

MITCH - Under the assumption that no counter-action took place over the past 24 hours in response.

COMMISSIONER - But the killings of our own police officers.

MITCH - We checked, and it turns out it was a gang of psychopathic criminals, who again, were released under the mayor's commands.

COMMISSIONER - Emotional Blackmailing Case?

MITCH - The accusations against Evans' Campaign; it's all instructed as per Gary's orders.

COMMISSIONER - Okay, but why now? Why discuss this matter now when he's already Mayor?

MITCH - You realize his public image is deteriorating due to his current controversial order of brutal arrests. I feel it's the right time to take a call of action against him.

COMMISSIONER - How strong do you feel about what you're saying?

MITCH - Deep down, Commissioner, your gut does tell you that he's not the one to be in office.

(The commissioner is silent)

MITCH - All the evidence is here on the table. My proposal is given to you. It would be much appreciated if you could give a response on this matter soon.

(The commissioner nods and Mitch turns to leave his office. The commissioner is left critically reviewing the case files of Gary's controversial decisions and activities)







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