"Last Ride Bus"

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Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



"The Haunted Bus"


This story dates back to the year 1877, legend says one night a sixteen year old wondered the streets at night in New York City.

He was very depressed and was considering to kill himself. But What he didn't expect however was for a bus to stop by him at three in the morning. The streets were abandoned as it was late at night everybody was asleep. The bus was black and had a red Top and the hood was red. The bus had written in glowing red letters


"Last Ride Bus"


Mark didn't understand what was going on but he got on the bus and found a seat. The driver was reported to be wearing a black Robe  similar to the grim reaper and you couldn't see his face, the Robe was covering it. To make this story even creepier the bus had two more passengers a young women weeping and a man in a suit and a cap on his head.

The bus pulled up to a graveyard as the weeping women got off the bus. Mark watched as the weeping women entered a grave and disappeared. The man got up and sat down next to Mark and told him "you shouldn't be on this bus for your time is not about to be up, you are too young.

go out and explore the world." Mark watched as the bus stopped at yet another graveyard and the man got off. The grim reaper turned to Mark. Mark sat up and ran off the bus as fast as he could. Minutes later he woke up in his bedroom. Panting and freaked out from his nightmare.

He decided to stay up all night. The next morning his mom told him to get ready for school because he would miss the bus. He got ready and went outside to see a black bus had approached his house. Mark froze as he saw the weeping women and the tall

Man from his dream staring at him. Mark got so spooked from this he had a heart attack and died.

He than watched from the bus as his mother and father were devastated. The man said "oops I made a mistake...this is after all "The last Ride Bus."

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