The Legend: The Warrior

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Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018




This story is based on the ideas and imagination from me and friends of mine. To us, we believe in these morals; “Create, and destroy. Love and Hate. It doesn’t matter. I’m hungry.” and sometimes, the last one is what everyone can agree on most of the time. When we had these ideas, I’ve created a timeline of events that would happen in this set universe, then I couldn’t get them out of my head, so now I’m putting it into words. I hope that someone enjoys this story of ours, and someday puts it into a film, because I deeply feel like that this story would make a great film.



It is believed that there are multiple universes than the one we currently live in, like in Star Wars “A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away…” we’ve decided to begin our story in a dying universe on the verge of creating our current (alternate) universe.

Orion “The Warrior”, often called, and named ‘Death’ the main character of the story lives many lives that leads up to this moment in time where he is tested against many great foes, the greatest soon to come. In a way, this is also a love story, Orion is in love with Ariel “The Phoenix”, often called by her calling (or call sign) “Phoenix”, a woman he met a long time ago in a previous life before. Together they will fight through the most evil beings of the known Universe to save it from Darkness, an entity that is hell bent on destroying the known Universe and making his own to enslave, create, and destroy at his own will.

Spike “King of the Dragons” is in a state where he can help Orion by giving him an Army that will help him in the ‘War against Darkness’. Spike was born into kingship and with the help of Luna “The Dragon of Magic”, summoned Orion, a Daedra Lord at the time, in hopes of making a friend. After saving him from a lesser evil from Darkness, Orion was granted immunity, and multiple lives to help Spike in his future endeavors. Centuries upon Centuries later, Spike, Luna, and Orion meet many times to change the World and the Universe for the better, in hopes to change the soon to come future set to judge the Universe to see if Darkness will prevail, or be destroyed. This, is that story.



“In time. We have seen the might, and the power of our great protector. Our great gladiator. Our Warrior. ORION!”

Loud roars, grows, and howls echoed in the caverns of the planet Corthro, a devastated planet now owned by the legions of Daedra kind. Their leader of many before him stands tall over a pit where below they begin to create a being that used to belong to them. A being that in legend used to be one of them. The Warrior they called him, was Orion, and their leader Azug was a defiant leader, who demanded respect or be killed, a fearless demon who sought to control the current realm of their planet, and soon all of the realms in competition with the oncoming Enemy, that would soon enough challenge them, but that would come later for It, for it had a plan of its own and desires to achieve it.

The stadium around Azug and the pit is turned into a fortress used as the base of the Daedra army, and the pit created for the purpose of the creation of their hero, though this isn’t the first time this has been attempted, and failed many of times while Orion was living his previous lives, could not be summoned by the armies and previous leaders of the Daedra. The pit is in a oval form that is made from an acidic rock only found in the core of Corthro, shaded green once taken from the core, and broken so it can be used to make into weapons, though not the powerful of the Universe, that power belonged to the core of the soon doomed Earth. Inside the pit was an encasing where inside would lay the spirit of Orion ready to be summoned for the final time of his long lives will be ready to take on the Universe, in hopes to save, or destroy. Azug had his own plans for Orion, and sought not to teach Orion his old lives written in his book, granted by Chronos to Azug.

The writing upon the encasing wrote in the Daedric language; “Here summons Orion The Warrior”, which met that they were finally ready to summon their hero, and proceed with their plans.

“BEGIN THE REVIVAL!” Cried Azug. A powerful BOOM and a shift in the wind, as Azug begin to chant in the Daedric language, which in English he speaks, “We call upon our fallen to bring to us Orion! We have great need for ‘The Dark’ has come, and the Chosen is needed! Help us, and send us Orion The Warrior!”

Lightning strikes the encasing, and a greenish glow emerges from the pit, liquid rises from the cracks below the encasing to the top of the pit, some of the liquid pouring out, and Azug taking note to not touch the liquid, for it is like lava to Earth, and would melt the skin and bone of the Daedra. After awhile, the liquid cools rapidly, and taking form of the encasing, another BOOM and lightning strikes from the sky of Corthro down into the pit striking the encasing where it sets a flame to the liquid, and burns the encasing where it reveals a bright green light. Bells are heard tolling in the distance, which resembles the return of The One, Orion is now seen in the pit, and is quickly recovered by Azug.




Orion awakens restrained in a large room, in front of his waking eyes is his current Master Azug, the leader of the Daedra kind, and with him are his guards, and some of his kin, other Daedra kind.

“Where am I?” Orion asks as his eyes are focusing for the first time in this creation of this life.

“Cortron.” Azug answers.

“This old planet? I’ve always wondered how it was.”

“Dead.” One of Azug’s kin answers. “Has been for years.”

“Quiet youngling, it is our home now.” An older Daedra puts a hand on the shoulder of her son that answered Orion.

“Dead huh. Well that’s a shame, Azung.” Orion’s voice lowered.

“You remember me.”

“I remember that you were a commander, not a leader. Where is Lyffnlinr, the bastard that created me?”

“It was Eons ago Orion, he’s been destroyed by our kind.” Azug answered. “Also, it’s Azug, not ung.”

“I’ll name you how I remember you by Lgntum.” Another name for his former rank.

“That’s Master to you.”

“Not to me.” Orion raised his voice, then lowers. “Not after what you’ve done.”

Silence fills the room.

“Where is my book.” Orion asks after a long silence.

“Right here my friend, it contains all of your memories, but you only need…”

“I need them all.” Orion demanded.

“All of them?” Azug questioned, with a hint of fear in his voice, then steadied himself. Orion, now with his eyes focused, stared in the eyes of this “Master”.

“All… Of… Them… I will not ask again.”

“We’re just unsure that’s the right thing to…”

“NOW!” the guards strike up a pose as in ready to fight and destroy the being known as Orion. For they feared what will come if he did not get what he asked for.

“So it will be done.” Azug gave in. He took up Orion’s book and opened up to the first chapter which once looked into would give him all the knowledge and memories of all his lives in which he lived.

“Release him!” Azug demanded his guards.

“But sir?” They flinched.

“At once!”

“Yes sir.”

Soon, Orion was released, in hopes to be in control by the new Master Azug. Little did Azug and his minions realize that they’ve made a huge mistake.

“Orion, my friend.” Azug began.

A long pause.

“What do you remember?”

Another long pause.

“Everything.” A deep voice came out of Orion. Fire came out of his eyes, and a aura surrounded him, and engulfed him in a blue Flame which represented his power, and out of nowhere flash of light, and then a sword appeared in the hand of Orion, here was Orion’s Sword, Koragwua “The Feared” “The Terrible” “Death”, the many names that are also names of Orion.

“At last. I see the Sword of Death.” Whispered Azug, as Orion stood above him, intimidating the Master. “I see, my end.”

As this was said, the guards took up their sword, but it was too late as Azug was ended by Orion, and Koragwua cutting the head off of Azug, and falling to the ground, the Master was dead, and gone. At the same time all of the Daedra attacked Orion. One by one, with each attack by his own kind, Orion was forced to kill. With each Daedra that did not see the truth that Orion was trying to bestow, that Azug was a liar, and corrupted the minds of the Daedra to compete with the very Evil that was coming to destroy them, Orion had to do the unthinkable, and kill his own kind, for they did not believe, nor want to believe Orion that a “Darkness” was coming, but wither they wanted to believe or not, It was coming… And Orion, could not save them all…



“Orion is here”


“Devastation, destruction, the end of Corthron and Azug.”

“He’s a fool! How could he..”

“It’s alright, he has all of his memories, he knows it’s time.”


In the halls of the great city, Erou, lies in The Great Kingdom Of Erda, in the sanction where Earth has just been destroyed by the great explosion from it’s Sun, this is the Lunar Realm where the Great Dragon King Spike lays rule over the sanction, the worlds, and the people. This Realm exists outside the boundaries where magic is used for anything, and everything. The world known as Earth, though destroyed still exists as Erda, where the battle for the realm is about to begin. Thought to be abandoned, Spike did not abandon his people, his friends, his world, though all the other Dragon Lords did. Along with his long time friend Luna, they converse with the other beings on the planet, the leaders of their respective areas plan for an eventual war.


“He knows nothing of the coming Enemy! How do you suppose he would react?” One shouts.

“He would not help us.” Another answers.

“He will! It’s what the prophecy…”

“There is no prophecy, he’s not coming.” Many of them continue to argue.

“We’ve summoned him before!” Luna cries to them. “He has helped us in the past, this place is like a home to him, why would he abandon us in the time of need?”

“Luna is right.” Spike spoke up. “Orion is a friend, and should be treated like one. He would not leave us like so many of our kind did.” The halls are silent. “Look at us, we are all that’s left.”

“And there’s not many of us to spare Spike.”

“Silence Utho.” Luna begs.

“I will not!” Utho demanded. “I will not, stand here and die!”

“What will you do.” Spike asked.

“Leave!” Utho answered.


No answer came, and Utho calmed.

“I don’t know.” He eventually answered.

“All of us here are scared Utho, you and your people are strong and powerful! Compared to Orion, we all equal in his strength.” Everyone does not look very hopeful, other than Luna. Spike looks on to his fellow leaders, his friends, and allies. “Look at us all. We’re just scared, lonely, and all we want to do is live in peace. Darkness is coming to destroy that peace, and there’s nothing we can do about it coming, but together we can stop it!”

Everyone begins to murmur.

“Spike is right.” Luna begins. “Even without Orion, there’s still a chance that we can win this war!”

“If what you say is true, then count the Leraktion Peoples in your army, my lord Spike.”

“Thank you, Euon.”

“Us too!.”

“And me!”

And soon all 14 leaders, including Utho eventually agreed to fight. Though many of the names and leaders of these heros will not be named, Spike knew, everyone on this day would be considered a ‘Hero to the Peoples of Erda’.


A burst of air, and a faded boom echoed the halls of Spike’s palace. Everyone gathers outside to find a fireball heading to the lands of Erda.

“Spike, what is this?” Luna asks.

“It’s him…”



Please understand that this story is a work in progress, and is not finished.. Thank you for reading!! All the feedback is much appreciated!!

© Copyright 2018 1deatheater-yt. All rights reserved.

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