Mad As A Hatter- an original song

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Here are the lyrics to and the story behind a song I wrote 2 years ago called "Mad As A Hatter". Comment your thoughts and check out the audio in the link below (Awesome Rhyme!!!!!!)

Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



I must be as mad as a hatter
I'm not myself you see
And up comes a lizard with a ladder
As the walls are closing in on me
The lizard says he sees quite a problem
It's up inside of my brain
But here's a little pill them will solve em
It'll help you feel more sane
Why are things not as they were
Why does it seem like a blur?
All I want is to be home
All I want is to be home!
They seem to stay and they seem to haunt me:
The memories of my wonderland
Everyone here seems to taunt me
Knowing what to do like the back of their hand
I must be as mad as  a hatter
My clock is stuck on 3
And not that it really matters,
But it's always time for tea.

All right, let's start things off by saying I was reading a lot about Alice in Wonderland and Lewis Carroll while writing this and thought it would be fun to write a song inspired by a book. This was also right after I had a HUGE panic attack, enough to total my car, but that's a story for another day. While going through healing of past hurts (I'm sure you can guess the nature by the other songs I wrote in this album, "A Road to Healing"), I felt crazy. Like my brain thought drastically different than other people's and that it was, and had been, a deficit and a blockage to growth in my life. All my life I had doctors diagnose me "ADD... ADHD... Epileptic... Anxiety... PTSD" and of course here are the meds that go with that! This takes a toll on a 9, 12, 15, and 20 year old.  That hurt my fragile brain a little. It felt as though I couldn't be "normal" unless I took a pill and I HATED that. The whole song is based on the scene in Alice in which she grows too big for the house she's inside of and the lizard comes to stuff her through the chimney.

Okay... dramatic, I know. But that's what it felt like. Alice was this specimen that the creatures were in awe of her. I felt like some sort of crazy person/medical skeptical (BAND NAME!)  In the end, I just wanted to not have PTSD, I just wanted things to make sense. Everything around me was "curious and curiouser". Nothing made sense and because I was healing and learning EVERYTHING again without the glasses of deception that most victims unknowingly wear, that's why things weren't "as they were". I was used to seeing and hearing lies.
This song was fun to write in that I LOVE literary references. (yeah... actually I just like references-- See my Lemony Snicket Essay HERE So it was fun to slip in bits and pieces of a book I'd been reading since Pre-K and continue to learn about!

I guess what I was able to take away from this was that if I can express my feelings through song and come to an end, I might not be so crazy after all. I mean after all Lewis Carrol says "Most everyone's mad here".

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