The Island Near Luminescence Bay

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Four brave, yet so different explorers sail out to discover the mysterious Luminescence Bay, the legends of which have been leaving many in fear. An unfinished short story I am working on. Please
tell me what you think.

Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



"I am telling you for the millionth time, I will be careful as ever!” I scream to Erin, standing on the other side of the deck. Why are these people so fearful, when it comes to adventure! I take my binoculars out of my pocket, and take a look through them, adjusting the panoramic view. The gold-plated, old-fashioned binoculars my grandfather once gave me as a precious gift I still treasure. Whenever I looked at them, I always remembered his long, dark beard which made his appearance gruesome and heavy. However, at second glance you were more than likely to notice his soft, caring smile. I remembered his words, always wise and strong. Like a lighthouse, never giving in to the crashing waves, they guided me unchangingly on most of my journeys.

“Sail this world, without fear of tomorrow,” he used to say, seated in his rocking chair, lighting his cigar, “that’s the only way you’ll find yourself in a better place than today.”


The waters around us are still. Nothing but the blue horizon in sight, almost matching the shade of water. Just about almost. These two never come to a fulfilled harmony, I have noticed, yet today they compliment each other better than ever before. Except that the water creates a darker contrast due to its depth. Nobody knows what these ocean depths behold within, yet there is so much undiscovered on land as well! I have always been fascinated by the Island of Luminescence Bay. But why does my little group have to act in such a skeptical manner? Aren’t we supposed to be the brave ones, the risk-takers? I have a map plan in my hand. I have a backing plan, so that I know which roads to take if we approach anything suspicious or dangerous, or if the compass fails us.


“Alright.” Erin says, as she walks over to my side of the deck, looking up at the match. “We seem to be at a safe place. Lola was getting worried.”


I walk over to her side and wrap my arm around her. “Tell Lola we’ll be just fine.”


At least Erin and Lola are still talking to me. Katarina wouldn’t even give me one glance. Locked up in her cabin she stays, pretending to be seasick just to make me change my decision. Now, it’s clear - I’m no mind-reader, but I could point a liar out in Katarina before she even comes up with the lie itself. She has never gotten seasick before, and we’ve sailed previously through stormy waters. Overall, I have never understood the cautiousness of my fellow companions. There isn’t anything to be afraid of. I’ll admit, there too are not butterflies in my chest, but the whole world of Pacific Ocean's depths, and my stomach is beginning to feel funny. But the one thing I know is that there’s no turning back...


Glaring through my binoculars once more, I turn back and walk back from the nose of the ship to the cabin, just to double-check that Katarina is well.


"Are you there?" I knock on the door softly. “How are you feeling?


"Indeed," Katarina peeks out of her cabin. “Where else would I be?” she asks, irritated. “I’m fine. Just a slight headache, nothing more.”


“I am sorry.” I say, trying to smoothen our the remaining bits and pieces of conflict. “Truly, I am. I just felt that we had to do this, that it’s always going to be worth it in the end. Aren’t we explorers, after all?”


"Yes, Lia, we are. That’s why can’t let down our whole city.” she said nervously, running her hair through her fingers. “The fate is in our hands. Could you only imagine the headlines? ‘The crew of Albatross failed in completing their mission of the year, so anticipated by the disappointed crowd.’ Would you like that walk of shame?” she declares dramatically, doing air quotes. 


I sigh, my eyes getting tired.


“Katarina,” I firmly say, “of course we will let them down and be haunted by these damn headlines till the end of our days only if we turn back from the unknown, like four little cowards. It takes a soldier to fight his battle until the end. There isn’t an option to flee. It’s not fight or flight, girl. It’s do or die!”


“That sounds worse,” she shrieks. 


“That’s not what I meant.” I quickly say, as I watch her eyes turn red. “Metaphorically - yes. Not realistically. Haven’t you heard of metaphorical speaking?”


“To be fair, I never liked how your ideas are never as planned out as they could’ve been, and neither have I liked your enthusiasm," she, without awaiting on any reaction from me, takes a rapid breath, all within a split quarter second. “metaphorical or not. On the other hand, I have always preferred to stay back from the risk and think a plan over a billion times before acting upon it. I know I’m the quiet one in the group, and everyone listens to your ideas, while you interrupt my little, humble inner voice...”


“That’s not true.” I say. “I mean...umm...Okay. I apologize. Keep going.”


"...but now it is louder than ever," she continues, "and what it is saying isn't sounding so good to me. I see the future. Call me crazy, call me delusional - like you always do - but I really can see. Remember the time we sailed to South Africa, and on the way back, I said we could possibly spot a blue whale - and we did. Remember when we landed on a small island, approaching the Arctic Ocean, and I had the strangest gut feeling that Mariah is going to faint, once we’re away? She fainted before we even got on board.”


“A horrible memory that is.” I agree. “Something neither of us would want to remember. But here and now she is alive and well, and willingly enthusiastic about our future discoveries.” I look at Katarina. “Why are you recalling all of this?” I ask with suspicion.


“Because I have a gut feeling right now.” Katarina says.


“Maybe it’s needless to voice out loud,” I suggest, “whatever that is. Honestly, we all get gut feelings. Don’t get me started on the ones you’ve had - and were proven wrong.” 


“I can keep it inside for sure,” she replies, “but I can’t turn away from what I feel.” she sighs. “It’s one of these weird premonitions. An inner voice, and nothing shuts down its volume. You know very well what's happened to everyone who has ever tried to approach the Luminescence Bay before. You knew, and you still chose to act upon this dangerous mission! Lia, can’t you listen to me for once?”


“Of course.” I try to keep calm; however, I’m now slightly fearful. I can’t keep the curiosity away, though. “Of course I know. What is your gut feeling telling you?”



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