"The hearse will find you"

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Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



Fifteen year old Sarah was told by her mother to Never cut her hair, for fear of disobeying her would summon "the hearse" to take her away. It was exactly one month after the death of her mother she had decided to cut her hair. In the middle of doing that she received a phone call. She answered the phone to this...

"Ring ring I am the hearse I will find you and take you away with me"

She hung up. And thought it was a joke or a prank so she continued with her haircut. This time the tv show she was watching just froze and a message appeared on the tv and said 

"Ring Ring I am on your street know, I will find you stop with the haircut or I will take you away with me" 

Again the girl just turned the tv off and went about her haircut. This time the radio came on and said

"Ring Ring I am on your street Know looking for your home to take you away!" 

Scared this time the girl stopped with her haircut. She got up and looked out her window. A hearse drove by her home. She called her brother who was on his way home from school. When she heard a ring at the door. She had goosebumps she went to the door and peaked out through the prop hole. Sure enough the hearse was at her front door. All of a sudden the front door swung open and the hearse broke i to her house. She screamed and screamed as the hearse opened up the back trunk and a coffin was there to seal her fate. She screamed as she was being dragged inside the coffin. The coffin slammed shut with her inside. She grabbed a lighter and freaked as she was face to face with her mother in the coffin who screamed at her

"I told you Not to cut your Hair!" She then held the daughter down till she died of fright. 

Now this is just an urban legend it couldn't be true could it? Could there be a haunted hearse out looking for kids who disobey parents orders? 

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