Empty Cradle

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Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



Seven tests

and only one line appeared ,

you cried and you cried

because you wanted so dear .

To take the next step

to be a mother ,

but giving up hope

became a bummer.

Six months had flashed

and flew on by ,

it always seems to happen

when you don't try.

Cycle was late

first test taken with fear ,

your heart had revived

when two lines appeared.

At sixteen weeks

the heartbeat was strong ,

we never had a feeling

that something was wrong .

Her room was painted

in blush bright pink ,

decals on the walls

of tinkerbell on a wrink.

Baby book completed

and written in blue,

from mom and dad's history

to finding out the news.

Attending a scheduled

ultrasound ,

my heart sank in my chest

when a heartbeat wasn't found.

You were looking away

to deny the truth ,

to save the sight of horror

that was lying in you.

You broke down

and only asked why ,

but there wasn't a reason

that the doctors could find .

Weeks went by

without a word ,

due to the impact

of something absurd.

Her room was destroyed

in a saddened rage ,

while I prayed god to shed

the light of the day.

As I cleared the room

I was barely able,

to see the sight

of her empty cradle. .

She is gone

but we are able ,

to understand that God

needed another angel.

We felt the end ,

but God wasn't done

he bestowed his sorrow

with our first son.

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