The flirt

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Most time we don't know we are flirting, we just feel the groove and allows it to take control of us and we then wake under the sheets with a strange girl but you were never meant to fo shit it
just happened

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



They tag us bad boys and can duck anything wearing a skirt, day by day our reputation keeps spinning off the wheel leading to the most embarrassing questions that we don't have answer to, we actually study and then capitalise on their faults we ain't saying tthat's a good thing but the end justify the means.

We go through Herculean training every day studying everybody you meet and be able to without doubt give a vivid description about the person's character some say is a gift but you actually don't want to have because different thoughts keep juggling in your mind and you end up seeing people for who they really are and not what they pretend to be.

We use your emotions at a particular time as our bait for you because that's where the weakness of everyone lies, we then be cloud your sense of judgement leaving you to our boat and telling you how yours is about to capside, we don't give you time to think and so your articulate sense of judgement declines in one go.

We have lured you into our nests and the only thing you feel is how cute he is to him everything is just a joke and a way of getting out his pain or his so called sufferings and by the time you know what's happening she has fallen in love unable to control her emotions she tells him indirectly unfortunately he doesn't want to hurt anyone and decides to lie that he feels the same, He calls you all sort of sweet names tries to control his anger when he sees the shut you are doing and one wrong move is all it takes for the whole plan to come to a standstill, the moment she starts suspecting you are KA-BLAM(blown),your secret is let loose.

Fortunately or unfortunately most of us are realist we don't believe in love, it's just a word;leading to so many responsibilities of different kind, annoyed and frustrated she calls you a player, a deserted soul placing all types of curses on you as they stand nude in the dark catching a cold, as for you, you don't give a duck but you still have some humanity within you which makes you want to make things better, she accepts but you have just brought a butch home.

Most times when these girls are called "hoes" they get pissed saying that is what we like saying but the truth be told when guys are in emotional pain they drink with their guys while girls seek for sex or should I say not just sex they mean good luck they want to reach their orgasm so they would feel alive and then you ducking call us players?, Damn botch you are just a hot who're in search of nothing but dick.

We are very much innocent so clean but because we don't want our fellow men to underrate us we upgrade our minds by unlocking the flirt mode but these girls are just too dull that they can't see our fidgeting legs or the way in which we talk instead they see us as brave bad boys that you should be weary of, our point is made and the funniest thing is that we most times tell the ones we don't love we love them so that we don't have to tell the one we love and look into their eyes and almost pass out we are truly the greatest individuals because we drive these girls to their folly by thinking we love them and carrying them like eggs but immediately they start to use us as a disadvantage we dangle them in the air and drain the oxygen of their love, they call us heartless but our point has been made.

What actually pisses us off is that the girls see themselves as queen and damsels but we see them as lawma(lagos state waste management agency) they are trash to our eyes but so that it look convincing we treat them as godeses and after everything we lead them to reveal their true behaviors we are mind readers, psychologist, deceptive and above all every poet is a mad flirt and most times we do it without reasons that's a way of expressing ourselves.

So all year be weary of thy flirt for we shall come like a thief in the night and if thou is not prepared we shall prepare thee and if thou be a slut we shall purge thee of their sins and return her to innocence, so all year flirts arise and conquer as many as you can have your fun but share it with her make her appreciate you and if by fate your paths aren't intertwined she will also remember you for giving her the best of time in her life and when the time comes for you to fall in love do not be afraid and stoop though it might be difficult you shall still conquer. No man walketh alone while in distress with a woman for he shall be guided among his friends and lead him to a brighter future and no woman walketh alone for her path will lead to her lover's though it may take time your girlfriends would be there for you. One love.

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