A love story

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Submitted: June 07, 2018

Hello guys and girls My story begins from

A beautiful girl named Hayat Shergil,is the daughter of Vikrant Shergil.He owns a famous fashion house in manali,India.Hayat doesn't have mother,she died by cancer.

Ishani Shergil:Another beautiful girl and one an only daughter of Malini Shergil.Ishani Shergil and Hayat Shergil are cousin sister.Ishani doesn't have a father,her mother Malini Shergil is Vikrant
Shergil's younger sister.And she is a famous fashion designer.

Maya Rahega:She is another beautiful girl with full of cracks on her head.Her father is an famous judge who's name is Ankush Rahega And his lovely wife Vaishnavi Rahega is a lawyer.And Ishani and
Haya is Maya's Bff.

And finally

Yuvraj Vikram Signh Aryaan Malhotra:He is young handsome boy 1st son of his father Shrekant Malhotra.Yuvraj is an College student and live in Mumbai.

Yuvraj Vikram Signh Veer Malhotra:He is a young handsome boy and the 2nd son of his father Shrekant Malhotra and also reads in College.

Kamini Malhotra:She is the mother of the two Yuvraj.And Shrekant Malhotra's lovely wife.

Yuvraj Karan Signh Rathore:He is a modern yuvraj and son of Shekhar Signh Rathore And Achal Rathore.He is the Bff of the Yuvraj brothers,he also reads in college. Guys if u like it plz give a like
and comment
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Submitted: June 08, 2018

Hi guys,I back with my another chapter of the book.Thanks to my readers for reading the first chapter. So lets get started.....

Hayat and Ishani is distributing sweets to the kids in the orphanage.And Maya is sitting on a bench and playing game on her phone.

In Mumbai,A big mansion is shown which's decor is really classy and royal type.2 young boys came down from the stairs and politely said hello to their parents.The 2 boys was Aryan And Veer.And they
left for college.

In Manali,after finishing the distribution the 3 girl went to home.Where there parents were sitting in the living room. Ishani said:kya hua?Why r u guys sad? Ishani's Mom:hum log soch rahe thay ki
tum logo ko mumbai bhejengay for better education.But we cann't come for our work. Maya:So,whats the big deal.Parna to hum ko hay aplogoko nahi.So chill and we will manage. Maya's Mom:We knw that
but... Hayat's Dad:I think they r right.They will manage,ok?So go and pack your bags. The 3 girls left and packed there bags.And left for mumbai. They reached mumbai. There chachi was waiting for
them. Chachi:Ay hay,kuriya agai Chachi hugged them and left for home.

At Chachi's Place

They entered and Chachi Said:Yeh hai mera chota sa Taj mahal.Pasand Aya? Aja tum logo kamra dikha deti hu They went to there room,took shower and came for dinner.

Next Morning They came down Ishani was wearing a red long kurta Hayat was wearing a long orange dress And Maya a jeans short top and a jacket

After taking breakfast they left for taking admission in college. They admission there Hayat pushed guy by mistake she said sorry The guy was none but Aryan. He gave an angry expression. He
said:Don't u have eyes.Cann't u see? She again said sorry and left. At that time Her locket fell down. And she saw that Aryan catch the locket. She said:Give me the locket.It's really important for
me. He smiled And Said:Important?ha..... Her friends come and took her from there. The whole day she was thinking about the locket.And thought that she will take it from Aryan. Next day she went to
him asked him to give her locket back. He Said:Not so easily.Do something. Then she was about to cry. Then Veer Said:Yeh Bacha to rota bhi hay. Aryan:Ok.I'll Throw it u'll catch. He throw the
locket and it breaked. She pick it up and started crying. Aryan:Oh...Yeh to tut gaya.Now?Ok Wait Placing 1 thousand rupee on her hand Said:Iss ke nai locket kharid layna,Ok? She looked at him. He
Said:Ok pocket money samajh kay rakhlayna.

Aryan Said to Karan and Veer:I think We r done. They Started to walk. She Said:Ruko...Yeh jo locket tum nay tora haina....Its not just a locket.Its my maa's last nishaani. And started crying.
Aryan:Oh..U should have tell na?Even I donn't have a mother.I knw how it fells.I'm not comfortable to say it but I....I'm Sorry. After saying thing he held his head high and Said:Yeh he expect kar
rahi thi na tum? And gave an evil smile. And Said:Ore kuch bolna hay to bola... And bend his head a little and giving ear in front of her face. She got angry and PUNCH him. Blood came out from his
lips And he got really very Angry. Hayat Said:Kon ho bhagwan ho...ya kya ho.Kis liye kartay ho yeh sad?Bcoz,U wanna laugh,hasna hay tumhe.I not scared from any of u. When she was about to leave
Karan holds her hand.. Hayat:Leave me.Choro mujhay.Choro. Aryan in angry voice:Let her go. Karan:But Aryan.... Aryan:Karan..

Karan left her hand And she left....

Aryan Also Left With Full Aggresion...

And Karan And Veer Also Walked Behind Aryan.

So,Guys if like it plz hit a like and let me knw if u like it.And if u think that it needs improvement then plz tell me,I'll try to improve it. Bye See U Soon Have A Good Day
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Submitted: June 15, 2018

Hi Guys,lets start the new chapter

Aryan was angry bcuz of hayat's punch. Veer:Calm down. Karan:Yeah,We will her a lesson. Aryan:She have to pay for this.

At Chachi's Place

Hayat was crying bcuz the locket was her mom's last nishani.

Ishani:Don't cry.tujhe day may thik karkay day dungi,ok? Hayat:ok. Then Chachi call them for dinner Three of them came and sit down Chacha:Aj khanae may kya banaya hai? Chachi:Roti aur Pasta And
gave a smile Everyone was shocked Maya:What?? Chacha:Mera na pet thora kharap hai to may roti achar ke sath khalunga. And pick up an achar jar. Chachi:Sab samjhti hu may.Agar yeh dish kisi five
star hotel may do azar rupee kharach karke khate to bohot acha lagta. Chacha:Thank u,tumnay mera 2000 rupee bacha diya. Chachi:Are tume log khao na? Hayat:May sirf pasta khaungi. Chachi:Acha thik

Next Morning,

They went to college.And saw there was crowd of the students. Hayat asked a student:kya horahay? Student:Sab bet laga rahe hai ki tum iss college me kitnay din rahogi.After,messing with the
yuvraj's. Maya:Yaar,tujhe usay marna nahi chahiyae tha... Ishani:Shut up,yaar.Hayat tune jo bhi kiya bilkul sahi kiya,ok?Abh class me chale.

They left. After class hayat was walking alone in the corridor.And saw that a guy named Harshad Was fighting with Aryan.They were holding eachother collar and pushing eachother. She came between
them and said to stop,plz.

Harshad push Aryan and Hayat fell on Aryan. And An accedental kiss happen.

So guys this is it.Plz Plz give a like.
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