Something That I Did

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"Its my medicine, there's something wrong with it. There's not enough to fill my cup up to the brim. How can you not see the extremities. My medicine just can't possibly fill me.

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



I wanted innocence

I wanted purity in my soul

I wanted love coated comfortablly on me

I wanted life to like me as I am


Instead, I was told something went wrong

They told me there was no identification that I ever existed

I cried at the news

I was angry but I was sad. To sad to move


I ate my heart to the fullest content

I giggled when they said I'd faint if i didn't get medical attention

I loked down at my arms, they had blood on them

Blood on my hands, how can this be


i want,,,,,,


"Yes, what is it"


i want'''''''


  "You can tell me"


i want.............













"The body was cold when I came outside, my guess is that she died last night. The word hope was written on her wrist in cut indentations, clean, cut, and smooth. Whatever was wrong here, clearly couldn't be fixed, I'm guessing this body never found hope..................or maybe they never went looking for it."

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