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Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



You were always fond of art. You loved the way the world worked and I admired that about you. You noticed when the leaves changed color, the trees started budding their flowers or when a shooting star would fly by; and you expressed your love for natures courses by painting your perception of it all on a blank canvas screaming for the touch of your intricacy and color. Watercolour, oil pastels, charcoal, acrylic- Ive memorized them all. And your work was genuinely astonishing that it always perplexed me in ways in which my words would not give justice to what you did. 

The word ‘soulmate’ to describe you would not be enough to describe the way you and me fit together. No metaphor in the English language would be able to explain to how ideally unique our relationship was. We were never platonic nor bored of one another in that we would always find new ways to fall in love every single second that passed by.

You’d call me in sick from my work and take me on countless road-trips I only wish I could savor one more time. We’d dance our way through the meadows and forests and take silly pictures of one another unleashing the inner children in us, and we’d stay many nights cheap motels with the neon flashing signs that were only half lit and hanging onto their last thread. We would order so many Chinese takeaway dinners; that I have really lost count of how many, and we’d argue about how I would’ve preferred to eat something else, but we would always end up with the same chopsticks and noodles in our hands each and every time. We would stay up at night for hours and hours telling one another about our dreams and small little things that reminded one of us about the other, and we’d fall asleep to the sound of each others breaths going in, and out.

I remember one night, we were sitting out in the field with a picnic blanket spread out beneath us and empty juice boxes and wrappers all round us. You took me out at 1am in the morning to see a ‘solar eclipse’. I for one, was not fond of anything of the sort, but with the way your eyes lit up brighter than the moon above us; how could I refuse? You lay me there and we laughed and talked for countless hours, and you asked me one simple question I will cease to forget. “If you could, would you take down a star and give it to me?”. And in reality, it would seem like a pointless question to any third person, but it was a question that left me pondering for years. I’d brush the question lightly off my shoulder with a brisk laugh and nod my head every so slightly while we dozed off stargazing into the sky above us.

As the years went on, now and then you would ask me the same question now and again, and I would reply in the same way. You’d think nothing of it, but the question meant more to me. It was always you giving to me, but never really the other way around and I’d only wish of doing something that would make your eyes light up as much as nature would make them twinkle like the stars in the sky. Each time the question was passed, I’d take it upon myself to take a visit to the jewelry store on the 7th avenue and purchase a little star pendant with little shiny flecks of white diamond in them. I’d place them in a clear transparent jar and put the jar in a cupboard which you never really would open.

I had it all planned out, the day I was going to finally propose to you was the day I’d show you all the stars that I would keep locked away, and I would give you a ring with so many details taken into consideration that little star flecks would be seen along the band. And it was to be me and you, for the rest of our lives spending our time happily with one another.

Turned out, as much as the universe was pushing us together as ‘soulmates’, it was also planning to push us as far away from one another as possible. That night was still a blur, but I can still hear your faint scream as clear as day in my mind, replaying like a broken radio you can’t possibly turn off. You lying there broken the hospital bed struggling to take your last breaths was one of the only things I wish I never had to witness, because your breaths were something I was to fall asleep to, not watch an eternal sleep come to you.

And fast forward to 300 days later I am sitting here, Chinese takeaway in my hand, staring at a grey stone with your name imprinted on it. I don’t think grey does you justice though, and if I was allowed I would paint your stone the way you painted the world around you. I would put your name in a half-flashing neon sign and have twinkle fairy lights around it to remind everyone of how your eyes shone so brightly in the light and the dark and how they would glitz in awe of anything related to astrology. 

I so only wish to take you out of the ground and put you in my lap and sing you to sleep while I listen to the sound of your breathing. I so only wish to dance with you one last time while I take silly pictures of you laughing and galloping around meadows with flowers in your hair. I so only wish to eat this Chinese takeaway with you one last time and tell you how so bland and awful it really does taste without you here. I do think that there are only a few things a person will get over in their life, and that some things are without a doubt, irreplaceable. You are not only one, but all of those things.

You’d always ask me if I’d take down a star in the sky for you. Well, here I am, a jar of stars in my hand, staring and talking to a stone infront of me that I wish was really you, so that I could get the chance to propose to you as I had been planning for years and years. We were meant to grow old together you know? Have children, tell them about our stories and live our lives to the fullest. The equity of faith will always astonish me. How can something so effortlessly perfect, be taken away all in one second? How can ones heart be shattered so badly that they can’t even see the pieces on the floor? So many questions I have, and yet again, I so only wish you were here to think of their answers with me.

I laid down on the ground with a pillow under my head and the jar of stars wrapped so tightly in my arms, whispering ever so slightly so that only you could hear, “My love, I would not only take down one single star for you, but for you, I would take down the entire galaxy above and beyond.”

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