Mile Marker 220

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Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



Jacob had no idea how far he had walked from where his Jeep broke down.  The desolate highway was so quiet at 3 am.A million twinkling stars peppered the black night sky surrounding a waxing yellow moon crest.

He noticed a flickering light beside the road ahead and walked towards it.  Moths swarmed the light in a frantic dance above the old, blue phone booth on the corner of a small red brick rest stop. It appeared abandoned years ago and he wondered when the last time someone had been here.  An overstuffed trash can infested with flies leaned against the wall with garbage spilling out all sides to the ground.  A wooden sign cut in the outline of a bear hung above the bathroom door carved with the words ‘Mile Marker 220’.

The door lock was broken and as Jacob opened the door it made a loud creaking noise. In the closet sized bathroom, one corner had a filthy pedestal sink with a cracked mirror mounted above it.  Graffiti of various colors plastered every inch of the walls.  In another corner was a toilet full of something repulsive.  Its lid was missing exposing the inside of the tank.A brown, slimy substance oozed down the side of the bowl pooling on the red tile floor.  A putrid smell hung in the room, and he felt vomit rising in this throat.

He went to the phone booth to call for a tow.  It’s top half encircled him in clear plastic panels; the bottom half was solid blue metal.  Many of the numbers on the dial pad were worn away and the phone cord was frayed.  The booth floor was littered with old cigarette butts and food wrappers.  A thick phone book encased in a black binder hung below the phone.  After his call, he noticed a couple of large, rounded boulders about knee height in size set in a small, grassy area behind the booth. He walked over, brushed off loose dirt and old pine needles from the rocks and plopped down grateful to be off his feet.

He stared down each direction of the two lane highway split by double yellow lines void of any headlights, just an empty road that disappeared into nothingness lined with dense woods on either side.  The wooded area surrounding him felt ominous, thick with pine trees that reached up to the sky over 30 feet tall.  The heavy smell of pine and the deafening silence filled the night air.  A sudden sound of a snapping twig caused him to freeze.  Fear ran its icy finger down his spine paralyzing him with fright.  A moment or two passed before he relaxed feeling ridiculous.  Just then, he felt a hot breath on the back of his neck.

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