The Violet That Turned Red

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How would you feel when the love of your life die?. After Nick finds out that his fiance is dead he decided to kill the
murderer. Do you think he will find out?

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



At 12:42 pm the phone rang,I could not believed if I was dreaming or not. I looked myself in the mirror in front of me I was pale like if I had seen a ghost. It's 1:00 pm I had arrived at the morgue then I asked in an office where she is. Two minutes later I am short of breath and my legs do not stop shaking after I saw the dead body of my fiancee covered with a white sheet. This is something that I could never have imagined. My tears do not stop and a lump in my throat does not let me speak. I approach the tablet step by step when I'm next to her I touch her white hands that now are cold as ice . I remove the white sheet to see her beautiful face. Her lips are purple like violets in spring and my heartbeats are too fast like I'm in a roller coaster.

When I'm able to speak, I say her name over and over again...

Me: Mei,Mei,Mei my love please wake up and talk to me!

She doesn't wake up and my heart is broken in pieces.

Me:I have no more reasons to continue living however before I take my own life I have to kill the bastard who did this to Mei. I will not rest in peace until know who is and if is necessary I will chase her/him to hell.-crying continuously-

After I stopped crying I open the door, in front of me a middle-aged police officer is waiting to tell me what happened.

I read his name of his uniform,Roger.

Roger: My condolences, Sir.

I do not say anything and he keeps talking.

Roger: Well…….. - He makes a pause

This is what happened to your fiance; she was found in a parking lot at 11:40 am, an old lady called the ambulance however when they arrived at the hospital she had already died at 12:09 pm.

Me: How did she die? -My voice tone is loud

Roger: Sir ...... -He looks at my eyes

Somebody stabbed her..-sigh-

When I heard this immediately I broke a window, the glass cut my hand and started bleeding but I do not feel any pain.

Police: Sir! Are you okay ?

Me: Just tell me who was ! -sobs-

Who killed her?

The police sigh and look at the broken window ,it makes me even more nervous.

Roger: Unfortunately the cameras did not work and now we are investigating.

After hearing this I did not talk back to him, I turned around and went back to the room where her dead body is. I cried and stood there for 2 hours becuase I did not want to go home where Mie will never be there again.


Today June 2nd is Mei's funeral. Her parents Laura and Jackson are here. I want to talk with them but they are crying. This is a scene that breaks my heart even more. They loved her, Mei was their only child but now she is gone. I could not stand it and I also started to cry.

Laura notices me and get closer. She raises her hand and slaps me. Her voice shakes but she says something that hurt me.

Laura: Why you did not protect her! Nick …..She was my everything.

Me: I'm sorry …….. I did not want it happen

She looks at me, I can see in her blue eyes hate and sadness.

Laura: You should have died not Mei

The only thing I can think is " I am pathetic"

Me: I'm sorry - sobs

Jackson approaches and tells Laura to stop.

Jackson: Laura this is not the perfect moment to discuss.

I'm sorry Nick- He doesn't even look at me-

After they left I could not keep stand up and I fell down to the floor on my knees feeling like was better if I had died instead of Mie. Minutes later something made me upset for the first time after Mie die.Three "friends" of Mei appeared , cried and told me that they will miss her. This absolutely was fake. Mei loved them and considered them her friends but they did not. They spoke behind her back, Mei knew it but she never said anything to them.

Me: Freaking hypocrites - I murmure-

I did not tell  it in their faces because I don't want the funeral to turn into a fight.


I have not been able to stop crying these nights because I remember Mei in my dreams.

The first time I met her was in high school when one of my friends pushed me and I slipped water on her. This might sound like a cliché scene but is what really happened. This made me fall in love with her when she started to laugh instead of insulting me. Months later of being friends I confessed to her in the most corny way . I gave her red roses, I wrote in a poster "Would you like to be my girlfriend" and I told her " I like you". I'm pretty sure my face was red like a tomate. She laughed ,I thought she was going to reject me ,fortunately she accepted. Another dream was when I proposed to her.I was very nervous that my hands were sweating a lot. We went to a trip in France for our  fifth anniversary. On our third day in Paris we went to the Eiffel Tower, I knelt down and asked her to marry me,this time I said "I love you". She cried and kiss me as anwer. This was the happiest day of my life but now she is not with me. ___________________________________________________

My mother is been worried and comes to visit me almost every day. This stresses me out because she constantly tells me that I will meet someone else soon.

She never liked Mei ,two of the reasons are;Mei didn't come from a wealthy family and she was atheist.

Mother: I do not want you to suffer for that woman. She was never for you.

Me: Shut up mom! I love her... She was the only one for me - sobs

Mother: Well as your Mother I know you will not change your mind then I will not tell you anything else but I will pray to God to help you.

Me: Do not say that! I no longer believe in him. He took away what I loved most. God is dead to me now

Mother: Stop Nick!

My mother started crying. I went upstairs and slammed the door. I can not believe my own mother does not understand me.

In the night I had a strange dream this time was not about Mei. I heard voices and yells for any reasons they were familiar like if it had happened a long time ago. That night I could not sleep.


Knock knock knock

I wake up suddenly someone is knocking the door. I look through the peephole and I get surprised because is Roger, the policeman from the other time. I open the door. He gives orders to put handcuffs on me. I'm very confused of the situation.

Roger: Nick Thompson has been accused of the murder of Mei Kings

For a seconds I did not know what to say but the only thing that comes out of my mouth was….

Me : What! How you dare to say that I kill her!

Roger: I told you that we were going to investigate right?. A homeless who slept in the parking lot was witness how you killed her and you were screaming "Now Shut up ,leave me alone I don't want to hear you anymore".Also we found your id there.

Suddenly I remember everything, four months ago I went to the hospital because I had severe headaches.The doctor told me that I had Alzheimer. He prescribed me pills that I never used. I did not want Mei to think I was crazy and I could not believe it either. They never stop putting me down and screaming , the voices tried to make me upset telling me that Mei never loved me and only wanted my money. Hallucinations began later and it was getting worse. Until one night I followed Mei and killed her to stop the voices.

Me: This cannot be true Mei I'm sorry!

I started seeing blurry and fainted like my soul went out my body.

Roger: Don't worry guys bring him to the car


The day of the trial I accepted myself as guilty and the judge sentenced me 27 years in prison even though I have a mental illness. Now on the way to the police car, I see my mother in the hallway. She gets closer , grabs my shirt and throws me to the floor.I fell down not because my mother is strong but because she was crying. I can see in her green eyes much disappointment. Then she slaps me!

Mother: Why did you kill her ?-sobs Nick you ruin your life for that gold digger

I know she is wrong about Mei but I don't say anything and she keeps talking.

Mother: I did not educate you like this Nick To be a murderer and go to prison You are my precious son, I love you!

Me: I'm sorry mom...

Now in a nutshell I feel like shit

My mom fell down next to me, hugged me with her old and shaking arms.

Roger and another policeman look at me and it say is time to go.

I kiss my on mom in her cheek and I tell her that I'm going to be fine.I smile despite the fact of this lie.I've heard some rumors about prison that once you step in ,you will never be the same, rape or death are waiting for me there.

2 minutes later I'm going down the court stairs and Mei's mother, Laura is there.I walk next to her and she doesn't look at me.Roger tells me to continue walking , I nod.But I want to see how Laura's face looks like so I turn my neck. I can't believe what I'm seeing now Laura is holding a gun and is pointing at me , I am her target.

Roger: Woman don't even dare to shoot If you do you will became a criminal!

Another policeman : Sir what do we do?- murmur

Laura looks straight at my eyes

Laura: You know why I'm doing this right?

Me: Please stop , I beg you! Do not kill me

Laura: You killed her and now you tell me now not to kill you freaking bastard. Wow you are amazing Nick!

Me: You know I loved Mei ! Please throw your gun away

At the same time 2 policemen are getting for closer they are waiting, Roger, to tell them instructions.Laura notices them, this makes her shoot me. Shot! Shot! Shot! ...................... Roger: Oh Jesus! Get that crazy woman and take her gun right now!

I see Laura trying to run away while I'm falling down because I got 2 shots in my stomach. 3 policemen catch and arrest her.

I writhe in pain while I'm bleeding and try to press my wound.

Laura: Now die bastard DIE! Roger: Shut up!! Take her to another place away from here.

He looks at me with pity

Roger: Nick be strong We already called an ambulance!

After Roger spoke I can only hear my own breathing. My sight is turning blurry , I see the sky in a red color like blood. I try to look around and I see a handsome man wearing black clothes and a hat.I think people call him "The Grim Reaper".He is holding a beautiful violet . I try to drag myself to where he is but I lost my strength. Now that I am dying I hope to meet Mei in "hell" to tell her how much I am sorry.

The handsome man is in front of me his red eyes and white hair amazed me .He gets closer ,extend his hand and I accepted it.


Demon #1 : Wow that was amazing even better than the last one.

Grim Reaper: Oh really! This is one of my favorites.

Demon #2 : I have a question Majesty ! Why do you like to read about the sins and deaths of humans?

Grim Reaper: Well this is a secret , millions of years ago I was a human too.

Demon #2: Oh ! Don't lie

Grim Reaper: hahaha I do not. I think I like to read about their lives because even when some humans are humble and good other ones are not.All humans when they are born are good but when they start growing up they change in a good or bad way.It's pretty interesting.

-Door Opens-

Sebastian: Majesty, demons’ mother is here.

Grim reaper: Well guys you've heard my butler, Sebastian. Your mother is here and it is time to go home.

Demon #1: Are you reading us a story tomorrow?

Demon #2: Please! We love your stories!

Grim reaper: Sure ! Come tomorrow

Demons: Goodbye Majesty

-Door closes -

Grim reaper: Bye Mie and Nick.

-The End-

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