Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal 2: Squidzoid's Revenge

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This is basically a (fan-made, not affiliated with Club Penguin.) sequel to Club Penguin's Stage Performance - Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. Now the (unofficial) sequel is here!

Hope you enjoy.


Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018




This story is in NO WAY affiliated with Disney and/or Club Penguin. It is just a fan-made sequel created by me (microFace).

Enjoy reading, folks!



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Chapter 1: The Remains of the City

Ever since Squidzoid (half-penguin, half-octopus) terrorized the city, pieces of buildings were scattered everywhere. Apartments were blown off, hotels were demolished, and even worse, luxury buildings cracking apart!

A electric zap was created. Everyone in the city heard it. Then there was static on the screens. "What's going on?" said one penguin. "I don't know." replied the other. "I really hope that we get our igloos back. That's the important part for me, you know." But then, CPBN (Club Penguin Broadcasting Network) appeared in all of the screens. The Reporter appeared.

"Good evening, citizens. Today we have a important announcement as told by Mayor Billy.-We will invest in tons of money to rebuild what Squidzoid has done to our city. This includes your furniture, igloos, the Puffle Berry Mall, everything that was touched or destroyed by Squidzoid. And you can contribute aswell! Just pick up the damaged parts of a building and get to work! I will make sure I will invest on clothing aswell. So long, people!-"

Penguins suddenly gathered together and planned for a super-secret project.

"I think this investment idea wont work well for Billy!" said a Penguin. "Maybe Billy is trying to help us build more things and to make this world a better place." said another. But then a old penguin (who was around 3650 days old) came out of nowhere and joined in on the discussion.

"Alright, so basically what Billy is going to do is invest in tons of money and build new and modern stuff. Is that alright for you folks?" said the Old Penguin. But everyone stared at his glorious Beta Hat. "What's everyone lookin' at?" said the Old Penguin. "It seems that you are.. uh.. brainwashed or something?" Everyone snapped the memory off of their heads and focused on the plan.

When they were done, they sent the idea to Mayor Billy, which didn't go so well.


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