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This is a song I wrote about discovering who I am, was, will be, without the filter of past experiences and pressure to be a clone of my mama. Here's the link to soundcloud. Excuse the
language....try to stop the song before the last 5 seconds.... unfortunately my editor didn't really... edit. https://soundcloud.com/hannah-saige-16898428/who-i-am

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



I guess you could say I’m living in the shadows

I guess you could say I’m living in the shadows

It’s okay—I don’t know who I am

I’m partially defined, partially refined

I need time to figure out who I am


I was once a child putting flowers in her hair

Walking barefoot down the street

Without a single care

Wearing bellbottoms that scratched along the street

And I felt like a princess


I’d feel the earth burn the bottoms of my feet

And the flowers in my hair melted in the heat

But when you complimented me

I decided to be someone else


So please be patient with me,

Be patient with me


This is a really rough recording I made the day I wrote this song. Please continue to be on the lookout for an updated version. This song was primarily written to reinforce a lesson I learned: I am not My Mom 2.0, even though my mama is an amazing woman. I knew that I refused to get to know myself after abuse. So I looked to a Godly woman, understandably, to teach me. But I think parents teach you how to act and be a person, not what person to be. I was just copy-and-pasting everything my mom did. I would hold my life next to hers and judge my progress as a human, Christian, or as a woman according to her life. I was “living in the shadows”. As a kid, I loved the 70’s, I always wanted to be in that era (less so recently, as I’ve learned more about it- hehe) But, the more of myself I allowed myself to be in front of an abuser, the more interested he was in me. So it felt like getting punished for being me. So I was like… I’ll be someone else…. Someone who I know is successful in the ways I want to be: A godly woman, A mother, A wife. But I’m not my mom. I’m Hannah. So I wrote this to express, “okay this is where I was last time I was truly in touch with myself, but that was decades ago… who would I have grown into without that hiccup?” I wanted to let the people around me know that I’m working on it, figuring it out.


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