For The Love Of

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Trained from birth to slay demons, she never thought there was any other way to live. But on day that all changed. She rebelled against everyone’s expectations of her and did what she thought was
right. For the love of a demon. Well technically, half demon.

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



For The Love Of

Trained from birth to slay demons, she never thought there was any other way to live. But on day that all changed.

She rebelled against everyone’s expectations of her and did what she thought was right. For the love of a demon. Well technically, half demon.

This is her story.

Entering the demon slayers village was the chiefs sixteen year old daughter, Rin. Her long black hair softly tied back with a white sash. Her pink kimono flattering her sculpted figure and youthful good looks.

Rin was a prodigy in the art of demon extermination ever since she was old enough to hold a knife, her father, Haru came out to greet her back, ‘Rin.’ he hugged her. Haru pushed her off, ‘What was your prey?’

Rin pulled out some of the demons scales she had ripped off its corpse, ‘It was a giant centipede. It’s scaled plates were pretty thick, so I thought we could use them to make some armour.’

‘You have done well daughter. Rest yourself Rin. We will be needing you again in a short time.’ Haru replied.

‘Yes father.’ she smiled passing the remains to the village smith she returned to her room. She lay on her bed and sighed, ‘I haven’t been back here in so long it seems.’ she turned over onto her side, ‘I love my village and my family but no one dares love me because of what I am.’ she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

In the morning she was sent to a neighbouring village to exterminate, she completed her job quickly and was finalising her payment.

Rin had just completed an extermination at a village and was heading back to her own when she happened upon a demon lying wounded in the woods, still conscious but weak.

She could tell it was a male demon, but he looked strangely human apart from his crisp yellow and dazzling silver white hair, dressed in a red kimono he turned his head to see Rin and stumbled upon him.

Rin raised her weapon in defence but instead of him striking at her wildly as others had in the past, he closed his eyes and gritted his teeth.

Almost as if he was scared of her and was awaiting the killer blow. To see a demon scared like that was so disillusioning and grew curious about this wounded man in front of her. She knelt down to him, ‘My name is Rin.’ his tensed body relaxed, seeming shocked that she wasn’t finishing him off, ‘Are you ok?’

His body relaxed and he looked at her, she looked into his eyes as she put her weapon away.

‘Hey, we demon slayers have a nearby cabin we use while travelling sometimes. Do you think you can stand?’ he gave no reply and so took his arm and helped him up. She took him there and treated his wounds.

He watched out for every move she made and flinched every time she got close. Rin thought, ‘What am I doing? I am ignoring all my teachings and turning my back on my village but I couldn’t bring myself to hurt him.’ she stayed with him while he slept until the morning.

He awoke and tried to sit up when she warned ‘Easy. Your wounds are pretty severe.’ he looked at her seeming confused as to why she was still there, or maybe it was why she was there in the first place, he knew from her clothing what she was and yet she was helping him.

A demon slayer helping a demon it didn’t make sense to either of them but it was happening.

Rin stood up and went to the door, ‘I’ll be back tomorrow with more bandages and some food, it doesn’t matter if you leave but I hope you’ll still be here.’ she walked over to the door when he cleared his throat to speak.

He spoke for the first time, ‘Hiroshi.’ Rin turned to him puzzled, ‘My name is Hiroshi.’ she was shocked that he would suddenly tell her that and the fact that he even had a name.

Rin smiled politely back at him, ‘Hiroshi you say. I’ll remember that.’ she stepped out.

Back at her village a warm reception awaited her, Haru her father and village chief stepped out and hugged her as he always did after she returned, ‘What happened? You took so long getting back?’

‘By the time I tracked down the demon it was late, killed the demon quick enough and decided to stay there for the night. They offered saying they didn’t want me to travel back at that hour and besides they were planning a dinner in my honour I couldn’t refuse.’ Rin lied convincingly.

‘Alright.’ replied Haru, ‘Come, dinner is being prepared.’

While eating dinner Rin felt she had to ask him about the man she found but feared asking directly would put him in harms way, so instead she asked her father vaguely, ‘Father, are all demon evil?’

Haru went on to reassure her that all demons are evil, ‘Rin we have to exterminate demons that get too close to human habitation. They cannot fight their true nature and will always go for the kill.’

‘Has there ever been a demon that……can talk…?’ asked Rin.

Out of nowhere Haru said, ‘The worst kind of demon is what is called a half demon. They appear human but are nothing more than a demon underneath. During the start of the demon extermination profession half breeds were cleansed and no longer exist.’

Rin thought, ‘Is that what Hiroshi is?’

‘Why do you ask? Is your commitment wavering?’ asked Haru.

‘Not at all, father.’ answered Rin, ‘Knowledge is just as powerful our weapons in our occupation, I merely hoping to gather more information from a veteran like yourself.’ she lied convincingly.

‘Rin, I have trained since you were three years old. I am deeply proud of how much you have grown in wisdom and strength.’ he smiled, ‘It warms my heart that you would still ask for aid to help you aid our village.’

The meal ended and she went to her room, lying on her bed she thought of nothing else but seeing Hiroshi tomorrow. The sun rose and she got up.

She gathered some food and snuck out. Rin knocked on the door and opened it to see Hiroshi removing his bandages.

‘Hiroshi!’ she knelt down to him, ‘Don’t remove your bandages yet. Your wounds are still…’ she looked at his shoulder and chest, ‘They’re completely gone?’

‘My body is different from yours. I heal faster.’ he pulled his shirt over his shoulder and grimaced, ‘I just have pain now and that should disappear in about a day or two.’

Rin grew in curiosity as she sat next to him, she boldly asked, ‘Hiroshi, are you a half demon?’ he looked at her shocked, ‘It’s just I have never met a demon that has been so talkative as you.’

‘Is that why you didn’t kill me when you found me?’ he asked, ‘Am I not a big enough prize!?’

‘No… I just… you looked…’ she sat against the wall, ‘You looked really hurt and I just wanted to help.’ she passed him the food, ‘I can tell you’re a creature demon, so I brought you some meat.’

‘Thank you.’ Hiroshi replied, he used his canines to tear meat off the bone. Rin watched amazed, she had never seen a demon eating before. He saw her watching him, ‘What?’

Rin smiled, ‘Nothing. Enjoy!’ Hiroshi just continued eating.

Rin watched as Hiroshi assessed his pain level, he gritted his teeth and winced in pain. He saw Rin watching him again, ‘Would you stop staring at me!’

‘Sorry it’s just……you are my first ever half demon. I’m just curious.’ replied Rin.

Hiroshi sighed, ‘Fine! Four questions!’

Rin wasted no time asking away, ‘What kind of demon are you? How old are you? How did you end up so injured? What were your parents like?’

Hiroshi answered, ‘I knew I should have said one question.’ he looked at her face, happily awaiting the answers, ‘Fine. I am a dog demon. I am fifty years old. I was attacked by a pack of wolf demons. I never knew my father, he died the night I was born protecting me and my mother. My mother was human and kind, but she died when I was five.’

‘I’m sorry.’ she replied, ‘I didn’t know.’

‘It’s fine it was a long time ago.’ replied Hiroshi.

‘Hiroshi? Do you intend to leave once you’re healed?’ asked Rin.

Hiroshi smiled and joked, ‘Why are you going to miss me?’

Rin’s face softened, ‘Yes.’ Hiroshi blushed, ‘I don’t know what it is. I just……I feel like if I could never see you again. I’d really miss you.’

Hiroshi was about to respond when he sensed something, ‘Rin wait here.’ he stood up but fell as the pain in his chest forced him to stop.

‘Listen you’re not going anywhere. I sensed it too. You are too hurt to handle this right now.’ Rin replied, ‘I’ll handle this.’ she attached her weapon to her side, ‘I’ll be back shortly.’

‘Rin!’ he said, ‘Be careful.’

‘I always am.’ she smiled running out.

She found the demon and attacked. She was doing well until demon attacked with ferocity, she was knocked to the side hitting her head. Hiroshi appeared and sliced the demon in two.

Hiroshi ran to her side, ‘RIN!?’ Rin woke up and wasn’t coherent enough to talk, Hiroshi put her on his back, ‘I’m taking you to your village.’

‘Th…ey’ll…ki…ll y…ou…on…sig…ht….’ she muttered.

‘Then back to the travel post!’ replied Hiroshi. She nodded.

While running to the travel post, Hiroshi is attacked. He falls dropping Rin, looking up he sees another demon slayer.

‘Get your hands off my sister!’ he yelled running over to attack again.

Rin blocked it with her sword, ‘Kohaku! Stop it!’ she attacked him but was restrained by other demon slayers. Kohaku returned to fighting Hiroshi.

Kohaku didn’t expect Hiroshi to pull out his sword. Hiroshi attacked knocking him to the floor and jumped and aimed to stick the sword through his head when he heard Rin.

‘No! Hiroshi please stop!’ Rin yelled. Hiroshi gritted his teeth and redirected his strike. Plunging his sword into the ground by Kohaku’s head.

Haru threw prayer beads at him which pinned his hands to his sides and purified his demonic aura, forcing him to his knees, stunning his movements, ‘No father! Stop it!’ she fought against the people holding her back, ‘Father please! You’re hurting him!’

Haru struck her hard across the face, ‘How could you be so stupid Rin!?’

‘Father let me explain!’ Rin replied.

‘I don’t want to hear it!’ he yelled, he turned to Hiroshi, who was fighting the prayer beads but failing to rise from his knees, ‘This half breed will be exterminated at sun rise.’

‘No!’ Rin fought even harder against her restrainers, ‘You can’t do this! He’s my friend! He protected me!’

Haru knocked Hiroshi out, ‘Rin, you have been bewitched by a demon. I can only hope once he is eliminated so is his hold over you.’

‘FATHER PLEASE!’ she struggled to break free as the unconscious Hiroshi was taken away, ‘He’s not dangerous!’

‘Not dangerous!?’ exclaimed Haru.

‘He tried to kill your brother Kohaku!’ yelled Haru.

‘Kohaku attacked first! Hiroshi was defending himself!’ she explained.

Haru stepped back, ‘That demon has a name?!’

‘Yes. He’s a half demon! Of course he has a name!? His mother was human!’ Rin explained, ‘He protected me, he saved me. He is not what we think he is! He is not a mindless beast that can’t control his true nature! He is so much better than that!’

Haru turned to Rin, ‘What do you mean?’

‘He is capable of feeling.’ she replied, ‘He understands the human heart. He can hold an in depth conversation with humans. He…… He is my friend!’

Haru turned away, ‘The extermination stands. Take my daughter away.’

‘No father!’ she screamed being dragged off.

She was locked in the room next to Hiroshi, she could sense him, ‘Hiroshi, are you awake?’

‘Ye…ah……’ he closed his eyes again, ‘I feel…awful…what are…these things…?’

‘Prayer beads. There are used to subdue lesser or half demons.’ Rin replied, ‘I’m so sorry.’

‘It’s al…right…besides…I got to…meet you…’ replied Hiroshi.

‘If you hadn’t met me you wouldn’t be in this mess!’ replied Rin crying.

Hiroshi forced through the pain and slipped his hand under the dividing wall. Rin held his hand, ‘I’m still…happy…I’d rat…her…die tomorrow…then live a thou…sand years…with…out knowing you.’

‘Hiroshi?’ she blushed violently. She touched the prayer beads, ‘I wish I could do more.’ she broke one bead off, ‘Conserve your strength. The beads power should be weakening and you’ll start to feel better but this is all I can do. Run when you have the chance.’

Hiroshi started breathing better, ‘Thank you. What about you? Will you be ok?’

Rin smiled, ‘My father won’t stay mad at me forever and I can pretend my commitment for demon slaying is stronger than ever.’

‘Rin? Do you like being a demon slayer?’ Hiroshi asked.

Rin rested her head on the wall between them, ‘I was the chief’s first born, even though I was a girl I was expected to be a great slayer. It’s all I’ve ever known.’

Hiroshi rested his head on the wall between them, ‘But do you like it?’

Rin huffed, ‘No.’ she closed her eyes, ‘I was just expected to do this. I never wanted this.’ she opened her eyes and sighed, ‘In demon slaying even beauty is used as a weapon. If you are born a demon slayer everything you are is compromised. People say I was the one who first picked up a sword, but that was the only toy I had, what was I supposed to do?’

‘I’m sorry Rin.’ replied Hiroshi.

‘It’s alright.’ she lay down facing the wall, ‘Can you lie down so I can see your face?’

Hiroshi lay down and saw the tear stains on her face from under the dividing wall, ‘Rin.’ his face softened as if offered his hand underneath it.

She held his hand softly, ‘I’m so sorry Hiroshi. I messed everything up!’

‘No, you didn’t.’ he smiled, ‘If you hadn’t of found me, who knows what could have happened before I healed. The wolves could have come back and killed me. Another slayer could have found and killed

me. Another demon could have found and killed me.’

‘Or you could have healed and walked away.’ replied Rin, ‘If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be facing a death sentence.’


Hiroshi chuckled, ‘Yes I would.’ Rin looked at him, ‘I face a death sentence every day of my life. I am constantly hated by humans, even demons won’t accept me. All because I was born a half demon. I face possible death every day because of what I am from both my human and demon counterparts. The only time I am accepted by humans, is the night of a new moon when I turn into a human for one night.’

‘You turn human for a night?’ asked Rin.

‘I thought a demon slayer would know that?’ exclaimed Hiroshi, ‘I guess demon slayers aren’t the fountain of all knowledge!’ he joked. Rin chuckled, ‘It’s good to hear you laughing.’

Rin looked at him, ‘Hiroshi, I fear that if I don’t say this now I will regret it for the rest of my life.’ she braced herself, ‘Hiroshi, I love you.’

Hiroshi’s eyes widened with surprise, ‘Rin?’

‘You don’t have to say it back, I know it’s most likely one sided……’ Hiroshi stopped her.

‘It’s not one sided at all.’ he smiled, ‘You are the only human other than my mother to have heard my name. Upon getting to know you, I have felt strangely drawn to you.’

Rin blushed violently, ‘Hiroshi?’

Hiroshi smiled, ‘I must love you too.’ Rin smiled, chuckling slightly with tears in her eyes.

Haru and three others came in, ‘It’s time. Restrain the half demon.’

Rin whispered to him, ‘Wait for your chance.’ she turned to her father, ‘Father! Please!’

‘Silence Rin!’ yelled Haru. Rin backed up, ‘You will remain here until your bewitchment with this demon is seen to dissolve.’

Rin watched as Hiroshi’s limp body was dragged out, she screamed, ‘What did you do to him?!’ she saw him open his eyes and wink before he was taken out.

Almost the entire slayer village turned out for his extermination. Hiroshi saw Kohaku and Haru holding a scythe. He was pushed to his knees in front of them.

‘This half demon has been sentenced to death. His birth was unnatural and an abomination.’ Haru announced, ‘We cannot allow your two species to intermingle and birth such an unnatural offspring.’

Hiroshi looked at him and smiled, ‘You are stupider than you look. How the hell do you think I was born? A demon and a human loved one another, I am a union of the blood lines. Listen half demons exist! Accept it!’

‘ENOUGH!’ Haru yelled.

Hiroshi chuckled and tensed his muscles breaking the prayer beads holding him down, he punched his guards knocking them out and ran into the woods. He got part way through the woods when he stopped.

He looked back at the hut he was held and Rin was still being held, he thought, ‘I can’t leave Rin here.’ he ran back through the tree tops and sat on the branch overlooking everyone below.

He heard Haru, ‘Spread out! Find him! He can’t have gotten far!’ hundreds of demon slayers headed into the trees and fortified the village entrances and exits.

Hiroshi sat against the tree trunk and thought, ‘What the hell am I doing? I am walking around a village that is literally trained to kill me!’ he remembered Rin’s smiling face and sighed, ‘Damn it!’ he jumped on the roof and crept in.

He whispered, ‘Rin?’ she looked up and stood up excited he shushed her, ‘Sssshhhhh! Guards are just outside.’ he silently broke the lock now that he was hindered by the prayer beads purifying powers. He took her hand and pulled her into a hug, ‘Come on let’s get out of here.’ he put her on his back and jumped back on the roof.

‘We need to get out the village without being spotted .’ said Hiroshi, ‘Do you know of a secret of back way out of here? I’m going to run out of tree tops eventually.’

She removed her kimono and Hiroshi blushed looking the other way, ‘I know you’re wearing your hunter gear underneath but don’t strip off in front of me like that!’

She threw them over his head, ‘Disguise yourself! It’s not much but don’t really have any other option here?’ Hiroshi wrapped it round himself and covered his white hair and dog ears.

‘This isn’t going to work.’ he replied.

‘Do you have a better plan?!’ she exclaimed. Hiroshi sighed, ‘Ok then. There is an old market route no one patrols and no one uses. We can follow that and get out.’

‘Why doesn’t anyone patrol it?’ he asked.

‘Because it’s a maze. You can easily get lost down there and no one will ever find you.’ she handed him her mask, ‘You’ll want to wear this it is covered in demon repellent, with your sense of smell, it’ll knock you out cold.’

He put the mask on and they wanted until the coast was clear before dropping down onto the streets below. They worked their way along the buildings cover to the market route she spoke of. Hiroshi immediately choked and fell to his knees as they entered the route. Rin held him up, ‘Pull yourself together!’

‘You have no idea how hard this is to you?!’ he exclaimed hobbling through the route.

They heard warning bells, Rin looked up, ‘They know I’m not in my cell. We have to move now!’ they made it to the exit of the route, only to be cut off by her younger brother, Kohaku. She stepped towards him, ‘Move aside Kohaku!’

‘Sister! You’ve been bewitched by this demon! I can’t trust a word you say as true!’ he replied, ‘Father told me so.’

‘Father is wrong Kohaku. Half demons like Hiroshi are no threat to us.’ replied Rin, ‘He proved that today, I asked him to stop the attack on you and he did. He thrust his sword into the ground instead of your head. Please Kohaku! Step aside.’

Kohaku huffed and threw his sword into the ground, ‘Go.’ he looked at Hiroshi, ‘Don’t you dare hurt my sister!’ he looked at Rin, ‘I really hope you’re right about this.’

‘I know I am.’ she placed her hand on his shoulder and kissed his cheek, ‘Thank you brother.’ she ran past him into the woods.

Hiroshi went to follow when Kohaku grabbed his arm, ‘Please, look after my sister.’

‘I promise.’ he smiled pushing his hand his arm, ‘You may not believe what I’m about to say but, I am in love with your sister and she is in love with me.’ he followed Rin through the trees and found an abandoned village recently ransacked by bandits.

They buried the dead and cleared the village. They repaired the head mans house and moved in, over time it became a safe haven for all half breeds and both the human and demon parents if they so choose to live there.

Rin and Hiroshi had four children together, two at a time. Recently given birth to her third set of twins she was resting when Hiroshi entered the birthing room with a dead rabbit in his mouth, he dropped it in his hands, ‘I got you dinner.’ Rin laughed and her other kids came in to see the newborns.

Hiroshi sat behind her as she sat up giving her support, ‘Easy Rin.’ Rin turned her head to look at him.

‘Seriously?!’ she smiled, ‘You do realise this isn’t my first litter right?’

Hiroshi smiled chuckling, he wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck, ‘I know but I still worry about you.’ he rested his head on hers, ‘I love you.’

‘Love you too.’ smiled Rin resting back on him.


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