Take It As It Is- original song

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Here's a nonsense, more silly song I wrote to lighten the mood on my Booksie! Check it out on my soundcloud and stay in tune for an updated version!!!

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



When the sky

Rips open to nothing

And the world

Is small in size

And the colors

Seem so much brighter

And there are new ones before my eyes


And the sky

Sings ground up coffee

Spilling rainbows

Across the sky

And the stars

Like drops of sugar

Sending off to say good night


When your body

Feels so much lighter

Take my hand and let it be


And take it as it is

Breathe- and take it as it is


When you follow strange creatures

Dressed in waistcoats and dressed in clocks

You get distracted my singing flowers

Running around in laced-up socks


Even the trees

Even they make music if you only stop to hear

Lay on down

Tell the ground

To lay soft against your ears and-


And take it as it is

Breathe- and take it as it is



Okay- this is yet another song with literary references. Let’s face it—I can’t get enough of Lewis Carroll. This whole song is based off of Alice In Wonderland- with other musical references that I’ll get to.  I wanted to write a nonsense poem after learning a lot about Jabberwocky from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I’d read a lot on Carroll’s meaning behind the story and where he came from to create oddities such as AIW or Through the Looking Glass. I also was VERY influenced my Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and wanted a 60’s sound to this. So I had a nod to Carroll, and the Beatles- talking about the sky and having a psychedelic sound and chord progression that was different than anything I’d written. Then I had a reference to Carly Simon with the “ground up coffee” line, referencing her song “You’re So Vain” when she talked about “clouds in her coffee”. People try to ask what this is about. It’s not about anything; it’s silly nonsense, fun, challenging myself to write something less potent in meaning than say… “While He’s Gone” (on my soundcloud- a heavy song- but Beautiful) So I ended up with a fun, weird silly song. It was a stress relief after a summer of writing songs from my “A Road to Healing” album. Check the audio out below!


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