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Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018





She is beautiful.  

If I have to compare her to anything 

it would be a desert.  Silent at times,

scorching, confusing and breathtakingly dangerous.


You'll lose direction.

And when you do she'll deprive you

of all life left in you.  You can't survive,

and in the meantime, the journey will surely be treacherous.


She plays tricks on your mind.

Like a living, walking, breathing mirage 

inches away from you.  You'll never know, 

if the happiness is real, but it is most definitely torturous.  


I will concur the desert.

I will bare the danger, the torture.  

I will be the rain, the palm trees, the oasis, the fountain.

In the middle of all her storms that can only be ending monsterous

I will tame her unattainable nature.  

I will love her.  



- Lara Heart

© Copyright 2018 LaraHeart. All rights reserved.

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