Day and night darkness and light

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Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



would you prefer day

or would your choice be night

do you like the darkness 

or are you fond of the light 

you can see the sun in the light of day


you can see the moon

in the darkness of the night

its quit a question to comprehend 

it might leave you suspended 

at the thought 

you might lay thinking while 

sitting in the sun on a warm May Day 


or  lay awake at night in the 

cold temperatures of November 

either way you might just wither away thinking

or will you know your answer right away


it doesn’t matter either way 

at the end of the day

none of us are the same 

if you want to be different 

which I hope you do there’s only one way to do it 

be true to you and you’ll be just find

hope you can change things like your mind 

your not to late 

your not gonna run out of time 

everyone has there dark and light side 

you be you true all the way through 


hope for the best 

you may get the worst 

but don’t you dare give up

both the moon and sun are up 

just in different places

true like the moon

hopeful like the sun

you can be either one 

in fact you can be both at once 



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