Beasts of Burden

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Redefining a religious parable which is used as fact.

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



Despite the lopsided nature of god dominant religion, not all which is written within the dogma of the many religious documents of men is without merit. Combing through the text's, you will come upon certain passages that are of contemplation, those of free will and choice.

These are the ones not of dictate, but of choice and of reality created through action taken. Turning away from the ignorance of the god dominant, we come to a different perception. In one book we find 'they shall be your beasts of burden' which within the god dominant and short sighted perspective was taught as, use the non-human beings of the earth as you would want, for human beings are the highest beings within my creation. Use them, for food, for clothing, and to carry what you desire and want to keep. This is of the god of dictate, where humans are held on high within creation.

In the way of contemplation, there is found a different perspective through Source, where thought can lead to correct action, perhaps leading to vision. Here, consider instead that the actual burden is upon every individual to affect reality as it is created in actual participation. How would you use the beasts and to what degree?

For instance, is it healthy to contain 'livestock' packed within cages for the mass production of meat for human consumption? Where contagious diseases can evolve and spread into the human populous? Should there still be rodeos, bull fights, the running of the bulls, horse racing, dog racing, ect. where animals are harmed purely for our amusement?

At this time in human history, what does it mean to be a spiritual person? And what do we really need? The burden of the beast is exactly this consideration, and it is a burden to think as things not human to seek to put an end to cruelity upon the earth.

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