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Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



we are the strong

we are the proud

we are the ones who have been hurt 

who have been pushed aside

laughed at 

told we will end up old and alone 

that we will do no good

but it is us that shine when times are in need

it is those who been hurt so much that stands up for the weak

it is those who fight when others do wrong 

so that the pure cannot feel as we do 

it is us the quiet ones that speak no evil 

for words we know burn deep 

it is those who have been unloved that seek true companionship 

it is those who walked through hell gates more than once who don't give a shit 

it is those that hold open the doors for others that have walked into slamming doors 

itis us that keep coming for more and more 

knowing that we can no longer handle this emptiness 

praying for something so much more better 

it is pride to be who we truly are 

we are flawed but unity 

we are shattered by false realities that the footsteps of others have stepped in front of us 

for we are labeled as weak coldhearted even heartless

but it is the weak the cold the heartless that are the strong the ones who spread warmth and love throughout life

so others will and shall not be and feel as we do. 


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