A Letter to Depression

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Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018





I was bright like the sun. 


All around me illuminated with beams of glitter and spirit. Every dim place was touched by my rays, by my radiance.


I was mysterious like a faint whisper in a dark room. My thoughts and moves both fluid in their secrecy. My eyes big and brown sullen with memories of my past.


I was loud like a thunderous growl reaching every corner. My presence boisterous and overwhelming igniting energy from each of my limbs.


I was unpredictable like the weather. Here and there, surprised by my own movements and thoughts. A rainstorm in the middle of December, a blizzard in the middle of June. 


I was,


Insecure, riddled with anxiety, but fierce and bold, underwhelmed by life, overwhelmed by its promises, free some days, stagnant on others, 


and then,


sad, angry, confused, consumed with anxiety, invisible and shy and looking for escape in the center of paralleled universes I created in my wandering thoughts.


I was bright like the sun. 


I was. 


[A letter to depression]

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