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For the people who have ACTUALLY been reading my blogs throughout my experience, first let me just say thank you so much. I haven't been posting in a while for a reason, and that reason you will
figure out about right now. I officially have 7 more days of school until the summer comes. Im not really sure if I'm happy or not and you will see why if you keep reading! From your one and only:
Anonymous life

Submitted: June 08, 2018

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Submitted: June 08, 2018



So i havent been posting in a while...

Hey future fans of my blogs no one probably reads. 

So Today, Thursday. June 7th, 2018. Has been hard to be honest. 

I think the last time i posted a blog was around a month ago, im so sorry but ive been WAY to busy to even take a simple, clean, and nice shower. 

So i totally forgot what i wrote about in the last 2 blogs. But im going to start off to where i actually got a boyfriend and had my first kiss with the biggest jerk on living earth. When im watching romantic movies, like the kissing booth, or love rosie. I always think to myself that im actually 25 and will find the love of my life. So i tend to act like the characters. Its stupid, dont remind me. 

Now of course your going to want full details of everything, and who the boy is. Only for security purposes, because what im writing on my computer if 100% true and i dont lie about my pathetic life. 

I found this boy around 2 months ago that I was totally in LOVE with. Lets call him Bryce. The first 2 weeks i started liking Bryce was not too hard because i knew he thought i was some what cute. My friends and i would always talk about him and how they would always tell me that he liked me back... which was true. I didnt believe them at all because no boy in living earth would ever like me especially if you knew who i was. 

This boy is tall, handsom, a jock, and ten times older than me only because i am still very young to be going through all this stuff. 

I remember, it was a Thursday, in lunch. Before lunch we had english class together. I was putting my things away because the bell rang. I saw him come up to me, and my heart went straight from my chest down to my toes. I was so nervous. He tapped my should and asked if he could talk to me at lunch. Now of course i was procrastinating. Im dead serious, i didnt not want to go downstaires so i purposely dropped my books and picked them up.. all he did was laugh because he knew i was scared. 

I opened my locker and he pulled me away from everyone because he knew i was not going to leave the area. He checked to see if anyone was around and he finally had the gut to admit he liked me. Now of course i said i liked him back, but i laughed because i was not sure if he was joking or not. Im such a screwed up person. Because after he told me that and started talking a little more, we finally said goodbye. And he kissed me on the cheek. I didnt know how to respond so i just stood there like a pot on a shelf. 

My friends were hiding behind a bush, and when he finally left they all jumped out and started screaming. They got it all on camera. I love them with all my heart, but they were more happy than i was happy. 

Around 1 month later. My friend invites me to a party and some of her friends as well. I asked her if she could invite Bryce, and of course she said yes. He ended coming. The party was really formal, i had a pink dress on and he had a tommy hilfiger shirt on. And boy did i think he looked hotter than the sun. I remember that everyone left us alone for a good 5 minutes. Until i ran away because there were mosquitos chasing me. He ended up following me and we walked around the house for a good 15 minutes until the magic started happening. 

I remember that my friend told me that he was going to kiss me tonight. So you could imagine how i was like in that time. I looked down at my purse and was about to zip it up because i saw a pink pad in there. He grabbed my chin and he freaking kissed me on the lips. Now if you dont know, im a GERM freak. I cant stand germs at all. And all i could think of was how much enzymes were going onto my lips. There is around 20 million if you were wondering. 

Guess what happened after? He broke up with me. Around 3 weeks later he dumped me over the phone. EXCUSE ME? You cant just tell me that you love me and take my first kiss away. 5 minutes later, he freaking dumps me. Now yes, the next 2 weeks and i was listening to Taylor Swift break up songs because i finally have a purpose to. 

Now all of this sucked because i had to tell my friends. Even these days people still come up to me and ask how im doing with him. And i have to break it to them.

Over the whole drama with Bryce. 

If you havent watched 13 reasons why. In that movie i would be considered a slut and be considered Hannah Baker. Because right now, at this very moment. I like 4 guys. So why does that make me slut you must ask. One of the boys i like is my best friends brother, another boy i like is my ex's best friend, another one is my ex, and the last one is a friends only brother who is 16. 

I dont know what to do with my life at this point. 

Im having such big struggles, with dealing with other people in school, my friends, figuring out who my friends are, boys, and cafeteria ladies. ( dont even ask )

I went to this pool party not too long ago. I met this boy there. He was really hot, tall, and looked like a celebrity. Im not going to tell you which one because then the people who are reading this who knows me, will know. 

He liked me back. In my opinion it was love at first site. You want to know the worst thing, he does not go to my school and he is like 3 years older than me. I went in a hot red bikini and i remember him talking to my friend about me. 

I was with my best friend, and for some weird reason i decided to look at them, and i noticed they talked and both looked back at me. I pulled the girl out and asked her what they were talking about, and she told me he thought i was really cute and he wanted to ask me out on a date. He ended up not asking me out. There is a reason for that. I just broke up with my ex, and he also just broke up with his girlfriend as well, so we both werent feeling it. 

I still feel a spark to this day, but every since that day, i havent seem him since. 

That night i stalked him on instagram, i know exactly every single photo on his instagram page. 

Now the funny thing was, was that my ex was there and he saw everything. I laughed in his face, it was kind of rude but he deserved it.

That night, my best friend freaked out because she was talking to my ex. ( they are some what friends ) And she came running to me saying that he said i had a hot body, and that he still liked me. 

So what did i do?

Showed off my body if i was Kylie freaking Jenner. Maybe a little worse. 

I was such a slut that night, but it was all worth it because all the boys were looking at me, so basically my planned worked. 

The worst thing is, all the boys would not like me for who i am. They would only like me to get with my body and have a " special " relationship with it. I mean by getting under the bed and doing stuff no one should do. 

It really sucks to think that way, but i have boys complimenting my body. Not directly, but the rumours spead. 

Well that was just a little boy drama. Please wish my luck that i dont accidently erase this full draft because i will kill myself.

Sincerely, Your one and only... Anonymous Life. 


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