The power of kindness

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How her kindness broke my spell

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



When I was young I was kind. 

Sweet, compassionate, and loving.

I tried buying friends, I wanted to be accepted. 

But betrayal, and broken feelings is all I got. 

Soon I decided to change.

From nice to cold, compassionate to heartless and from human to morphological humanoid. 

The pain in my heart caused it to go into a defense mode.

My body generated a morpho exo suit in order to keep me alive. 

Soon a spell fell on me. 

I would morph into the Beast Ranger every night and by day I would be The Phantom.

Meaning I was disfigured. With my humanity dying I forgot how it felt to feel.

I was ruthless and vindictive.

I attacked those who hurt me with no mercy.

They would know fear for I became fear itself. 

Revenge, hatred, pain, were the power source of my drive.

It came to a point where I had no pulse.

My heart became a block of ice. 

As usual I would patrol the area looking for trouble, then I heard sobbing.

That sobbing did something strange.

A shockwave of some familiar energy raced through my body. 

I had flashbacks of when I was human.

I looked around and find a young woman, about my age.

She was crying inconsolably. Her eyes were so pure and transparent, she didn’t knew of hate.

I was in my Phantom form.

As I carefully approached her she ran towards me and hugged me. 

This shocked my foundation completely. 

I asked her, “Aren’t you scared of me?

She said in a low shy and sobbing tone, “No”

I said to her, “But I am ugly, I have a disfigured face”

She responded “I didn’t notice it, when you hugged me I felt a good man and not a monster.”

 I asked her, “Why where you crying?”

She said, “ Because my dad died in a car accident and today I saw a sad video including car crashes with a really sad song.” 

She but her lips trying not to cry as her voice broke down and started to breath abnormally. 

Her situation wrenched my heart. Her pain was real, she was vulnerable, wanting to be protected. 

In a soft tone I told her, “It’s ok to cry, don’t hold your tears back. Crying purifies the soul by draining the pain so that in the end there’s happiness”

With her light blue eyes and shivering lips she said, “How can you be so sweet?”

I told her, “I too lost a loved one in a car accident. I am sorry for your loss, but I just wanted to let you know that as long as you love your father’s memory he will always live in a your heart”

She could not hold her tears and I offered her to cry on my shoulders. 

Here tears burned me, soon the ice in my heart started to melt.

Out of impulse our faces got closer and closer and she grabbed the back of my head and kissed me.

Soon I started to glow, I reverted to when I was handsome. 

Also instead of being the Beast Ranger I became the white ranger. 

She saved me with the power of kindness 



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