Tragedy of Olympus

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A short story detailing the events of a massive tragedy that befalls a space colony through the eyes of one of it's citizens.

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



Space Colony Olympus

United Galactic Century 223

Thursday, April 25th


10:33 AM


“The grav-train is 7 minutes late Aaron… I know I know.. I’m getting breakfast now… Well I didn’t expect to be up so late… I am not hangry…. I am a little hangry… No… I’m actually excited. I spoke with Van last night and it’s happening… I asked her out. Wait hold on they are making an announcement.” Sero  muted the com-link and listened to the automated recording that played in the station.


“Due to a signal error, all train service has been suspended. We at are hard at work correcting this issue and will attempt to restore service immediately. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” The automated voice then repeated the message on a endless loop.


Sero unmuted the com-link and began to complain. “Typical…. Service is being suspended… I’m going to take a car… I’ll be there shortly… Yea.. Yea just order me something.”


Sero stood there on the platform wanting to yell. Instead he balled his fist, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.  He then followed the shuffle of those who had joined him on the platform and marched out to the street. Luckily he was able to wave down taxi and he wasted little time opening and jumping in. It would be more expensive then sharing auto lift with other people, but Sero was never a fan of the automated vehicles. He preferred having a human driver at the wheel.


10::55 AM


“Sorry about the traffic… Unusual for this time of day… Traffic going into the city, but leaving… Now so much.” The driver said though the truth was, he wasn’t sorry. The meter was running and there was no flat fee. The longer they were stuck, the more he would collect.


“It’s fine…. Better then waiting on a train that was never coming.” Sero grumbled as he leaned against the door pressed his forehead to the window and stared out.


Sero sat there in silence, aside from the honking of other vehicles on the highway lost in thought. Absently his eyes traced along the curvature of the colony, upwards past the land up into the clouds and past them to the alternating stripes of land and water that hung above. Olympus was in the shape of a cylinder, as most large satellite colonies were.


“The O’Neill cylinder…” Sero said in a low dazed voice.


“You said something boss?” The taxi driver said as his eyes darted to the review mirror.


“Huh?” Sero was confused by his question at first then realized the taxi driver was responding to him. “Oh… it’s just.. Amazing… That we live here… Sorry I’m a engineering student… Going to help build these some day.”


“Ain’t that something…” The taxi driver said before, the strain in his voice to make conversation evident. “I have a cousin who’s in construction… Does the space walks and everything.”


“Well, I’m going to be on the designing end o- Oh god look out!” Sero shouted as a car swerved in the opposite lane and crashed into the barricade. Though they were completely safe, Sero swore they would be in a accident. The taxi driver was jolted as well as he cringed in his seat.


The car in the accident bounced off the barricade and came to a hault, parts of it’s body sent all over the highway. Sero watched as a motorcade of black SUVs rushed by with out stopping and realized they were the cause of the accident. He looked back to the accident and saw that at least passengers from neighbor cars had gotten out to assist. He was considering helping himself with traffic began to move and the taxi driver, though still shaken up, drove off.


11:16 AM


“You won’t believe what happened on the way here.” Sero said as he rushed to his seat and sat across from his friend Aaron. “Crazy accident on the highway. “ He took the burger his friend had ordered for him and although it was cold, began to eat.


“Yea the news was just reporting on that… A lot of crazy things happening today it seems.” Aaron said as he tore his attention from display screen on their table. “You brought it with you right?”


“No… No I did not Aaron.. I only told you ten times in the morning then when I walked to the train that I was bringing it… Only I didn’t… It was all an elaborate plan to meet you here so I could eat cold food.” Sero was being very sarcastic as he spoke, ending his statement with tossing of a cold French fry into his mouth.


Aaron rolled his eyes while shaking his head. “Shut up and eat… I just want to make sure… I have a lot riding on this alright.”


Sero did continued to eat but he was able to fish out a small data-pad from his back pack and slide it across the table, very slow as if a shady deal was being conducted. He even looked around to the other patrons of their favorite diner to make sure no one was watching. “All the data I collected during my time there… We are going to be heroes.” Sero said in a hushed tone, making it sound like what ever was stored in the data-pad was life changing. In reality, Sero had interned at a game company and managed to get a sneak peak as to what their next release would be. The two were planning on leaking it, pictures included, onto a gaming board they frequented on the colonies extranet.


Aaron quickly took the data-pad and began to skim through it’s contents. He was already lost in the information and all Sero could do is laugh to himself, shake his head, and continue to eat. Soon enough however, the display screen at their table caught his attention.


“We are now reporting that due to mass signal interference, Olympus may under go a state of emergency. We have no word on what may be causing these signal issues, but we have received notice that Chairmen Hennessey will be addressing these issues shortly.”


Sero watched as the cute news reporter gave her report from what looked liked the side of the highway, and Sero could only imagine she had been there to speak about the accident he had witness. Sero was about to comment as much to Aaron when the low clap of thunder came rolling in. Sero thought this was strange as there was no report of artificial rain storms today. The sound carried on into a growl that cause the  diner to shake and Sero was sure that was not thunder.


“What was that?” Aaron question as he looked out the window.


Up above an explosion bloomed in the industrial stripe of the colony, followed by a second and third explosion. Though they were miles away, they still felt the aftermath.  This was followed by the long loud wails of the colonies alarm system. Both Sero and Aaron were frozen as they watched the scene above. The fiery orange explosions gave way to black billowing smoke the reached out and upwards towards the center of the colony, obscuring everything in it’s path. That’s when Sero noticed something cutting through the sky. Because of the artificial gravity and how it weaken in the center of the open cylinder colony, air travel was restricted for the most part. Citizens of Olympus would have to travel via highways and lifts to get around. Because of this, the sky was normally clear and Sero easily picked out the objects moving.


“Fighter ships?” He said questioning what his arms saw.


“And mechs!” Aaron cried out pointing at the humanoid object which trailed the ships. At this distance they could still make out the trails of light that rained down from the flying objects to the colony below as the fire upon the industrial stripe. They left behind a trail of destruction.


“We have to g-“ Aaron began to say before an explosion ripped the street outside apart the window shattered and the pair were blown into the diner.




11:42 AM


Sero shouldered the bulk of Aaron’s weight as he dragged his friend down the street. The pair had been cut a dozen times over and their clothing was caked in blood and dirty. A second explosion destroyed the entrance of the diner and they were covered in rubble. Dazed and confused, their stumbled out where they discovered a section of rebar impaled Aaron’s leg. Going into shock, Sero, though injured himself, took hold of his friend and took the streets.


It was chaos. Explosions ripped the city apart. People ran by screaming, injured and frighten. Vehicles that managed to escape destruction raced by, stopping for nothing or no one. Buildings which once stood proud and tall were torn apart sending debris down to the street below. Then things got worse. The colony defense force finally began to mobilize and their own mechs and ships entered the fray and fighting in the streets broke out.


Sero and Aaron rounded a corner down a side street as a fighter ship race above them and an insane speed only to have it’s wing clipped. From there it lost control and crashed into the street in a fireball. With the explosion behind them, Sero carried Aaron as best as he could only to stop in their tracks as a small 4 story building came crashing down after a mech was thrown into. A wave of dust and smoke washed over them and the pair could no longer make out anything around them aside from the beam of lights that flew into the direction of the mech. Moments later it exploded.


Frantically Sero turned around, coughing and whizzing as he struggled to carry his friend away from the canarge.


“Just leave me…” Aaron struggled with his words as he felt himself growing weaker.


Before Sero could answer, he felt the ground shake as a mech raced by, each thunderous step louder then the last. The mech rounded the corner and with it’s massive cannon let loose a salvo of shots. The wave of pressure from the barrage was enough to cause both Sero and Aaron to fall over. Sero crawled to his friend and through his body over him in a lame attempt to protect him.


Overhead another fighter ship raced by while letting loose a string of shots from it’s nose cannon. The attack ripped apart vehicles, pavement and those unfortunate enough to be caught in it’s path. The mech raised it’s shield, protection itself as it’s shoulder mounted weapon launched a missile in response. Sero watched all of this in horror as he pressed himself into Aaron. Aaron in turn screamed as Sero pressed against the rebar sticking form his leg. Sero began to apologize over and over and he pulled back from him and helped him to his feet.


The mech continued on it’s way and so did the pair.


12:16 PM


“We’re almost there…. Sero we’re almost there…” Aaron said, his voice weak.


The pair had made it only a few feet before another explosion knocked them over. Now it was Aaron who had to do the carrying as the explosion had mangled Sero’s leg. By chance, an emergency vehicle had came to a stop in front of them and the police officer loaded them up into the truck and performing the most basic of medical aid. Now they were busy racing down the road towards the nearest emergency shelter, the officer yelling into his com-link while both Sero and Aaron sat in the back.


Sero watched the battle unfold in the sky above as ships and mechs cut sharp contrails as they chased each other around. Entire sections of the colony were ablaze as stronger weaponry came into use. Power beams of energy shined and swept over the colony followed by destruction. Bombs and missiles were let loose, bringing entire sky scrapes crashing down. It was utter madness. It was beautiful in the worse way.


“Sero… I don’t… Feel good….” Aaron said as he reached for his friend.


Sero slowly turned to face Aaron. He could see the pain in his friends face. He could see the fear. He wanted to tell him everything would be alright. That they would be ok. He wanted to say all that and more but his lips couldn’t form the words. His head felt stick and wet. He couldn’t feel his leg. He felt cold. He felt gone. It felt like this was not happening to him. In the edge of his vision darkness grew. It seeped in and slowly, the world around him grew dull. The noise of the combat around them began to fade.


12:20 PM


He blinked and the truck had stopped. He blinked and he was being dragged out. He blinked and he saw Aaron was slumped over in his seat.


12:35 PM

He blinked and he was looking up, the ceiling flying past him. He blinked and there was a mask on his face. He blinked and someone was looking down at him speaking words he did not here.


12:52 PM


He blinked and he was in a crowded room, filled with other people who were battered and bloody. He blinked and when he opened his eyes, the room shook and flashes of light filtered into from the windows. He blinked and he saw space and the great beyond. He blinked and he saw Olympus as the shuttle he had been placed on raced away. He blinked and he saw the armada fire upon the colony.


He stopped blinking. He watched now eyes wide as he witness the cannons of the battle ships lay waste to the colony. He watched as the fragile shell which protected the colony was shattered and in a instant, the atmosphere and everything inside was torn apart. He watched as the colony was rocked with explosion after explosion that sent chunks of metal and earth into space. He watched as his home was destroyed.


Sero watched the opening salvo of a long war in a incident that would be come to known as the tragedy of Olympus.



© Copyright 2019 Bren Velazquez. All rights reserved.

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