Coca Cola

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Just random memories, have a bad case of brain fog . Don't know what to write about.

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



Coca Cola commercial

with polar bears ,

oatmeal drop cookies,

and tin containers of caramel popcorn .

Stockings were hung

above the fireplace,

from upon my father's shoulders

I'd put the star on the tree.

We kids were amazed

on our evening rides,

staring out the window

at all the Christmas lights.

Tossing reindeer food out in the yard

that turned out to be bird seed ,

that disappeared by morning.

Leaving chocolate chip cookies

and milk on the table ,

turned out my father had eaten them every year.

I was an ungrateful little boy

when I didn't get what I wrote on my list.

I put a metal pot full of boiling water

in the fireplace to take revenge ,

on that big bellied old man .

I poured salt in all the key holes

in hopes he would be blinded ,

when he wiggled his impossible body

through one of them.

What does Christmas have to do with June ?

Just random memories

and to all who read ,

I wrote this out of boredom.

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