The monster feared me

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Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



The monster feared me

It was a terrifying thing

It came out of my closet and it never said a thing

A large frightening visage with a set of jagged teeth

Its eye were glowing red and its flesh was hanging from his bones down to his feet

His ankle bound in chains with spikes piercing into his thighs.

His upper lip was shredded by the flesh reveling his teeth inside his mouth,

His jaw was hanging off and blood fell out as he finally talking

“Child I am Vorshick and you are the prey stalked”

He made his way closer blood pooling from his mouth around his feet

The chains rattling and digging into his meat.

“Boy I am hungry and it is time you come with me. I am fear I and danger, I am despair embodied into a living being. Boy I have been watching you and you look good enough to eat”

But the monster feared me

I stood and I looked it in the eye

“Monster I must say…… and me who will die”

I walked closer to the monster, the beast towered over me high

So high in fact I had to strain my neck to see his eyes.

“Monster I am death, I am vicious, will and passion, I fear not a thing I do not believe I will die”

“I am malice, I am avarice” the monster called out his voice spilling out his soul from deep inside.

“I am anger I am rage, I am an apathetic, gluttonous fiend” I wanted this beast to know I did not feel a thing.

“I will break you”

“I do not break”

“You soul is mine to take”

“I have no soul for you steal and if I did you would not have it all the same”

“Boy you do not realize you confidence does not mean a thing. No matter your belifs you will still die and no one will remember you name”

He grabbed my neck his giant hand gripping tightly, trying to break my neck.

But the monster feared me

That much I knew I did not need to check.

I simply smiled

And I survived the encounter that night

And I waited for the next.

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