"The wedding"

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This is an urban legend about a women in a white wedding gown who appears at weddings.

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



The women in white.


Years ago there was an urban legend of a women who died on the way to her wedding. She was wearing a white gown, the story goes the man who she was going to marry was planning to Not show up and leave her at the alter. 

But he never got the chance and the news was told by the priest at the time. Another version of the story goes the women knew her lover was going to turn her down so she was planning to kill him on the spot but she died on the way to her wedding by a car accident. 

Now everyone who plans on using that church for weddings must be careful because the women is said to be seen at the weeding. 

A women said she had an eerie feeling at her friends wedding when she was sitting alone at the last pew, and when she went to take a picture with her girlfriends and new bride and groom a women in a white wedding gown that they have never seen before was said to be in the picture pale as a ghost and holding a knife.

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