The magical juicy cup of tea

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This story is about a magical juicy cup of tea.

Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



The magical juicy cup of tea

There was a magician. Who always drinks magical juicy cup of tea for survive of his magical power? He has many pet in his home. He always tortures the pet. This thing does not like by the rabbit pet who lives outside of cage.

One day when magician was far away from him. He drinks the magical cup of tea of magician in his absent. For he does not know the magic but when he drinks the magical juicy cup of tea he became magician? Then he runs away all the animal of the cage.

 When magician came and saw the condition of his home? He amazed. He saw no animal in the cage and there is another magician like him. He does not understand the situation.

Then he saw a cup on table. It was empty. Then he thinks that another magician has drunken his magical juicy cup of tea. Then again he does the magic on another magician like him. The magician converted into rabbit. And he knows the truth.  

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