Ahaan, the boss of his city

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This is my 9th story.

Submitted: June 08, 2018

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Submitted: June 08, 2018



Ahaan the boss of his city One sunny day Ahaan saw many people throwing garbage which is bad for the Ozone layer.If people keep on throwing garbage and polluting the air the Ozone layer will completly get destroyed and it will let the Ultra violet rays to fall on us which can harm the Atmosphere.So what Ahaan did is he went and said many people to stop smoking,throwing garbage and polluting the Environment but they just ignored him and started polluting the Environment again.This time Ahaan became very serious and tried his best like when people throw garbage on roads Ahaan picks it up and throws all the garbage in the dust bin and when people burn garbage or papers etc. he comes and pours water on it. Ahaan was keep on following rules like this because Ahaan is very crazy about other countries that it’s so clean no garbage around, so he also wanted India to be very clean. Ahaan worked very hard to make the city clean but people were keep on polluting the Environment. One day a police officer saw Ahaan’s hard work and came to his house and said Ahaan’s parents that can he join in the pollice team to give Ideas to make our city clean?asked the pollice officer. Finally Ahaan’s parents said ok for him to join in the police team. Ahaan gave an awsome idea to the police That who ever pollutes the Environment they have to pay 30,000 rs fine.Then the police followed that went to see every one who is polluting the environment. After an year no one was polluting the environment and the city was clean. For this Idea of Ahaan every one in the city obeyed that Ahaan is the Boss of this city so everyone use to call him boss of the city. After 75 years Ahaan grew old and died and every one in the city found an another boss for the city who was just like Ahaan.THE END

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