You inspire me

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Submitted: June 08, 2018

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Submitted: June 08, 2018



Yes, you the one there in blue,
who has absolutely no clue about this exaggerated hue.
Allow me to confess this to you, that you inspire me!

For each little thing you do, inspires me...

What makes you bold, the way you are cold;
When you roar, or you are cramping, sore.

Your beauty, your grace, your elegance and your taste,
How can you carry that supreme class, what makes you such a badass.

You the one who is shy, and you who is with that handsome guy,
you have to believe, tell me how you do it, tell me how you fly..
because when I get to think about, it just feels a lie!

How can you bow down, how can you sacrifice;
How can you excel managing all at the same time.

The subtly you dance, the madly you romance;
The way you write, the strong you fight,
the crazy you drink, the apt you think;
How do you match up, how do you differ,
how do you feel so deep and why you choose to suffer.

Everything you do blows away my mind,
the way you style, the way you smile;
You have the strategy, you know how it is going to be.

Yes, I am talking about you there;
How do you love so hard, how do you play that card.

Tell me how you can be like this on earth..
Did you learn it or it was prominent since birth!

Why you are always this sharing, caring and kind,
That for any level of selfless act, you never mind.

How can you be so strong and rage,
where do you get this motivation from;
To stand still like a rock even if the life is shining bright or falling apart.

I see how swiftly you make your way, I always aspire your modulating say.

I am falling short of words but this tribute was a must,
To all those women who I have come across,
Trust me girl you have impressed me a lot.

For you it might be just a piece of cake,
But this appraisal too is no fake!

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