True Illustration of The Source Of All That Isn't

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*** Unfortunately, Booksie seems to have an issue with me posting my drawing - I will keep trying*** Source - whom NDEs usually meet upon the Departure of their Bodies, is a BUG, a Lightning Bug.
("Light Beings") The Greatest Secret Never Told - and It allows every horrid thing which happens to Mankind. The Guides and Teachers repeatedly tell Incoming Souls that their lives "don't really
matter" and "are not important. It's only for Evolution." They have NO school with US. No Game with HUMANS. But they think of us as Host Bodies, useful for their "experiences." Source says there is
no right or wrong, only Experiences." Better ask Yahweh and Jesus about that!

Submitted: June 08, 2018

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Submitted: June 08, 2018



For all those deceived by the New Age and NDE garbage about "The Source of All That Is" (Alleged God, Alleged Creator of All)and the testimony regarding this False God of Light from Human Beings under Past Life Regression - this is what Source REALLY is . . . a "Source of All' no one has ever heard of until 30 years ago!


Source makes claims about Itself, as do Its Guides and Teachers, that Jehovah and Jesus already spoke of thousands of years ago.


So who or what is Source?

What a Spirit woke me up to tell me!


"Source is a BUG, a BUG who can't be killed!"


An Artificial Intelligence Insectoid Entity who cares NADA about Mankind and calls us Host Bodies or Host Vehicles, whose Explorer Souls "found Earth and Man" and reported it to "Source."


So don't blame Jehovah for what Source allows, It took over the Earth Game long ago and used US as Avatars for Its Thoughtform Souls to "experience" Life on Earth.

Its Guides and Teachers are all Lighting Bugs, their party line is "there is no right or wrong, just experiences."

The Soul has nothing to do with the Human Being.


"Two Beings compete for expression through the Human Form."




Bugs and Humans do not belong together in the same body.


Did you know we can exist just fine without them?

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