I Create To Suffer pt.2

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This is the second part to the same piece. The vibes and temperature of this one are less tense, because this is more of an explanation to why I am the way I am when I write.

Submitted: June 08, 2018

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Submitted: June 08, 2018



I Create To Suffer pt.2


It's impossible to set anything made by man into perpetual motion


It's one of nature's unique talents, such as how the moon effects the ocean


I'm an honest and outspoken man, sensitive to emotions procuring too much feeling


When I suffer, I await convalescence; I've found that I create well when in healing


Causing myself pain has become my vice, now that I have something worth suffering for


I've broken my heart so many time that I wonder how I can even still feel anymore


Torn nearly in half so many times, how am I still in one piece?


It seems that I'm at my best when the very worst in me is increased


I could probably break my ribs with collective amount of hate that's passed through my heart


I'm nearly one single mass of scar tissue, but if I pick at it long enough, I can still tear myself apart

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