Mommy! Mommy!

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So, this is an introspective piece I wrote in June 2017. I'd been toying around with the idea for many years but I never actually put any effort into creating something of it. Personally, it isn't
one of my favorite pieces and maybe that's because it isn't true. This isn't an experience of mine. That, and the fact that I wanted it to feel like and adolescent girl around the age of six or
seven. Clearly, I failed at that. I feel like the innocence is there, but I'm pretty sure that a six year old girl would not say such things.. Either way, everyone who's read it loves it for some
reason. So I decided to share it with you guys to pick apart.

Submitted: June 08, 2018

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Submitted: June 08, 2018





Mommy! Mommy! Tell me why!

Why did my sister have to die!?

She'd seemed just fine the day before

Now there's bloodstains on the bathroom floor

Mommy, why isn't she here today?

When you found her note, what did it say?

I need some closure, tell me now!

Please, tell me why, tell me how!

What brought my sister to the brink?

Why was her blood all in the sink?

Did we not show here enough love?

Weren't we there for her when she needed hugs?

Surely, we'd have listened if she reached out

How did we miss the signs, and silent shouts?

Did she even try to come to you?

Could she have sought help, but you'd missed the clue?

Mommy, how could we have saved her life?

She opened up not to me in her pain and strife

Did she know she encouragement and support

As she spent her final moments holding her own court?

She didn't even lock the door

As she bled out, laying on the floor

Mommy, I beg you! Help me understand!

Did life deal her cards to a losing hand?

What had made her choose to leave us behind?

Was it as silly as how I'm now looking for life's rewind?

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