Chapter 4: Killian

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 396

“Throwing money at your problems doesn’t help.”

“Wrong. Coins are actually great projectile weapons.”

“Oh my God, Killian.” Ethel follows me down the street, matching my longer strides effortlessly. “How many times do I have to say this; flicking coins at strippers is not what normal people do. Remember how you got kicked out of the last place?” Unfortunately, I did. The small large coin, meant for Helen, had smacked into her partner’s head when his target ducked behind her.

“An accident. And that exactly is why I’ve taken precautions.”

“Precautions?” Ethel raised an eyebrow dubiously.

“Yes. Precautions.”

“And that would be what exactly?”

I pull out what I had previously hidden in my pocket. “Tada!”

“A rubber band?”

“Yes. A rubber band. I got the idea from a little brat on the streets.”

“Kill, just what the hell are you-” I start flicking her rapidly with the rubber band. “Ouch! Ow! Okay, okay you have your point.” She slaps my band away. “At least this is better than throwing coins and giving some poor girl a concussion.” She again eyes my weapon. “But that thing isn’t exactly long range. How are you going to get close enough? I doubt Helen would dare to go anywhere near you.”
”Well, club rules state that dancers have to entertain a paying customer, so…” I flick a coin onto the road ahead of me, making a small dent in the cobblestone. “I’ll just give her my money.”

“Oh my god, Kill.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. I’ll take her unconscious body somewhere nice and safe before she gets the band.” I flick Ethel again and she sighs. 

Submitted: August 18, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Jay Rose. All rights reserved.


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