The Purple Rose

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My short story is based upon a purple rose that is different from the other roses in the field. This one rose has a goddess that will help the rose grow until winter comes around then, that's when
everything changes.

Submitted: June 09, 2018

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Submitted: June 08, 2018



With roses surrounding the glorious forest it made everything look like a fairytale that was once in a dream of mine and staring into the eyes of a goddess made me second guess my faith. I was shown that the world could be a perfect place but until I accept your presence there is no turning back into the life of glory nor peace. I wished a million times that you were in the beginning of history with the roses being our gravity. The sunny days made it all fascinating and the dream of you became more visual. Are you the goddess I’m facing during this mess? Are you the eyes that I can’t deny?

 Beauty, the one that caused the heart to beat fast by the acceptance of humankind. Nothing was more powerful than the love that could be offered by another body, it  caused love to bond through the cracks of a broken heart. That specialty was certainly an entertaining action that could be seen through many people but in order to feel the strength of love you had to have that love within yourself. Do you have the ability to accept yourself? Do you have the tendency to love beyond the stars? Let beauty introduce you to the life you craved for in your dreams. The one where the roses blossom in the forest to create the beautiful sight but not only is the rose beautiful it is also, strong and bold. It holds affection deep inside and holds all the power that morsefully excuses the worst in the heart. Let the rose be your guidance through the journey and I shall call that rose Shantel. I shall receive the messages that blossoms me into a rose that has more of an outlook on such intelligent things besides the forest that hides our features from being seen on the outside. Only the field will protect us from the haunting of others on the outside they don’t know a damn thing about our life. I will be a rose today and I will grow into a beauty that nobody can deny, not even I could.

If one could imagine the difficulty of being a rose, they could understand the kindness we have to show. The rose we happen to be are the ones where love is our world and our thorns are the hardness to protect ourselves from hurt. Captivating every word others spill into our field grows gradually into our vine which causes a disturbance. We will immediately stop growing and turn into a dead rose which happens so slowly.

The forest and the field is where I call home. This is where I belong even though I am different from the rest. I may be purple but deep inside I know, I am still a rose and nothing could change that. I will be brave, bold, strong, smart, and I will grow the same way. I have a goddess along the side of me and indeed she is a rose as well. She is the rose that is different like me and she makes me feel complete and makes me feel like this is where my process of growing begins. She is my goddess and my guidance for a successful growth this year.

It’s the beginning of winter and all my beautiful roses are falling apart piece by piece. I see the fear in the eyes of my own. All the outsiders are coming to retrieve the leftover pieces remaining from us. The sadness came upon me and I felt my thorns getting colder and intense. I felt my petals sliding off my body as I became numb to the environment around me. I was feeling so tensed up that I could feel the heat from the ground rising into my vine. Imaging what the other roses felt like made me feel worse. I questioned myself, “Is this really happening to me? To us?” I felt one more petal fall down my body and I could tell death was arriving soon. My aching of loneliness began to be hollow while I began to become weak within that moment and suddenly… The last petal fell.

I the purple rose is truly gone like the wind and as my body slowly falls to the ground I will remember the feeling of what life truly meant. The process of growing is all I was prone to know but did I really grow? Or did I take a turn with death? These questions shall never be answered now and I will turn into nothing. I will only be replaced when Spring comes around and there will be more roses to blossom. I was only temporary and even though I had beliefs in my heart and had the feeling in my vine that I could survive this year, I know I still have a mark on my field. I may be tossed away like the others but I was different and because of that there will never be another rose like me. I have written in my head a letter and because of this death I will now reveal what it said, “ Dear Shantel,

I admire you and I love the way you make me feel inside. I love knowing that not only am I growing but you’re growing with me which is a love that is inseparable. If I die this year I want you to know, I wouldn’t of made it. I wouldn’t of grew without your love. Your touch made everything better and I seen how beautiful you came out to be. You were so bold to accept me the way I was because I know, I wasn’t fully grown into a rose yet. I had a hard time getting there. I wouldn’t of been so beautiful if you hadn’t of made me believe it. I looked up to you and now I know, I will be gone.. But I want you to remember that I will always remember you as the rose that was beautiful, bold, and strong. I will remember you standing by my side and growing with me.” With this note I hold so dear in my head I hope you, Shantel, survive this terrible condition. I hope you make it out alive and continue to grow through the years of time.


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