Altered Heart

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Submitted: June 08, 2018

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Submitted: June 08, 2018



All the why's

that I haven't spilled ,

to all the questions

is a feeling of guilt.

Why do you choose me ?

Why do you stay ?

Why do you never

know what to say ?

This heart's vast in love

love is a being ,

uncounted span of meanings

to my completing.

Sky rocketing the charts

with this periless fall,

I would be here forever

if I named them all.

You cleansed my sight

you touched my soul ,

you altered my heart

and made me whole .

A target of

forever's endurance ,

I'm a suspect of

your reassurance .

The day is never long enough

never to compare ,

you are beautiful as the day is long

and my eyes can't help but stare.

Our feelings are divided

but contrasting as one ,

joining a pair of similar hearts

in the covenant of love.

All the why's

that I have spilled ,

to all the questions

is your speechless thrill.

Quiet doesn't mean

I have given up ,

Quiet means that my feelings

don't sound off enough .

Don't sound off enough

my heart ,

doesn't sound off enough ,

When you clearly deserve it..


Why am I waiting to spill the why's?

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