The Rainbow of Sadness.

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A poem which claims, and explores the idea, that the concept of sadness over arches a rich, and highly variegated range of experiences. At its most fundamental, it claims that there is a kind of
sadness, which can soothe, calm, and even bring us to a more self-empathic, psychological state.

Submitted: June 09, 2018

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Submitted: June 09, 2018



The Rainbow of Sadness.

Sadness shows itself in shades, like those of rainbows: not all should be palmed at arms' length.

For there exists a shade, which radiates warm wisdom, like the warmth in a grandmother's soft smile.

And it knows how sad, how crushingly sad, your wearied heart can sometimes be.

When you bow your head, when your life feels bled, she comes gently to your rescue, to aid.

As a clothe, tear soaked, to soothe a fevered heart, her voice the same does effect:

she whispers in your ear, so low, and slow, with a voice so sweet, so soft:

'There there child. I understand, there there child.'

And you know with that first whisper, with eyes now glistening, a needed thing has come your way.

Then a breeze like spring's breathe aired, seems now blowing through every veins.

And its' taste, assuredly speaks, of its goodness, and the healing it only can provide.

So now eager eyed I keep, when despair seems again to rise,

for that shade, in the rainbow of sadness.

When high up I look, and sorrows above are all, I know I may find, when fading,

A shade not just forlorn, and a voice which softly falls, in whispers gently speaks:

'There there child. I understand. There there child.'

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