The North Eastern Murders And The Nostocia Family Escape

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Feringa House

Table of Contents

The Redbarron 666

Chapter  1The Redbarron 666 As The Redbarron stepped off of the platform from a train from Hillsburrow He came across a young woman ... Read Chapter

The Killer

 Chapter 2The Killer It was a hot night in August 1933 he just hit town.The night was dark and, he has seen a young woman being ... Read Chapter

The Family

Chapter 3  The Family His string of murders was horrific and his blood driven family on the streets would carry on his work ... Read Chapter

Country Of Sadism

Chapter 4Country Of Sadism The country ofAmerica has enough sadistic people in it without adding a family of Sadist in our midst. Th... Read Chapter

Supreme Court part 1

Chapter 5  TheSupreme Court Part 1 The opening arguments started in the case of the Federal Government versus Oliver Nost... Read Chapter

Motel Room

Chapter 6Motel Room As The Redbarron sat in his motel room he decided to turn on the news only to hear that 3 more girls had come ... Read Chapter

Police Station

Chapter 7Police Station As I and The Redbarron listened to the boys story we agreed that these boys needed to be locked away for a ... Read Chapter

The Funeral

Chapter 8The Funeral It took several days for me to get out of bed now that this case had hit my own life. It was hours before the ... Read Chapter

The Arrest

Chapter 9  The Arrest Finally this case was coming to a close as the Nostocias had came home not knowing that The Redbarron was ... Read Chapter

Supreme Court part 2

Chapter 10  Supreme Court Part 2 The trial started today with the opening arguments. The judge looked down from his seat and sai... Read Chapter

The Nostocia Family Escape

Chapter 11  The Nostocia Family Escape That evening at last call the guards found that The Nostocias were not in their cells at ro... Read Chapter

The Nostocia Family Escape 2

Chapter 12The Nostocia Family Escape 2 The Nostocia's apparently had some help from a guard at the federal prison to escape. They... Read Chapter

The Arrest Of Leonard Nostocia

  Chapter 13 The Arrest Of Leonard Nostacia He was arrested this morning by The Redbarron in the prison. He just kept saying that ... Read Chapter

The Arrest Of OLiver Nostocia

Chapter 14The Arrest Of Oliver Nostocia We arrested Oliver Nostocia in the later part of the day.  Oliver was caught robbing... Read Chapter

The Radio Broadcast

Chapter 15  The Radio Broadcast The radio broadcast  came across saying that more murders  had happened early thi... Read Chapter

The Final Act

Chapter 16  The Final Act Natashia Nostocia had been in  California in the city for most of her life. She had 4 childre... Read Chapter

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