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Chapter 16  The Final Act Natashia Nostocia had been in  California in the city for most of her life. She had 4 children. They are about 12,13,22 and 23 years old and her husband is about 55 years old and he is a writer. I am her husband a horror writer in  Endicott New York named Roger Eugene Feringa.  I had the idea that I would write "The North Eastern Murders  Nostocia Family Escape" book that I wrote the book based on my wife's family the murders started all over again. Then I  realized that it was my wife's family so I  wrote this new story called "The Final Act".....It all started with Natashia finding out that she was adopted by a family in the suburbs of Ca. when she was taken away from her family when she was a baby. I went to my laptop to write more about the murders. I started writing the rest of the new story and the more that I thought about it I knew that there had to be one hell of a twist if  I was going to keep the readers interested in the book.Then I went to my back porch.  I grabbed my axe. When my wife and children got home I and my family hacked up the local police.  As the bodies piled up I wrote more in detail about how it was all done to add to the whole story for the final act.  My son Jacob went to the shed out in back of our house. Then Jacob grabbed a pickaxe and proceeded to plunge the pickaxe into the first policeman on the scene as my daughter Grace ate the body parts of the corpse of the policeman. The many cats that we had then helped as they devoured every part of the policeman. As you know cats leave nothing behind. This was the perfect murder. We will never have to worry about food again. I myself hacked up the bodies into sections and my wife helped me by using a hacksaw to make portions as we started boiling the body parts in our cauldron. We are now waiting to eat dinner.  I never thought that one day I would be eating a human . This was just the beginning of a beautiful start to the perfect murder. As the numbers of bodies were beginning to smell we ate as many as possible. We gave as much as we could to the dog, and cats. We then had some unexpected visitors from the F.B.I. that did, in fact, show up at our house door many times as they had no idea that the people they were looking for were inside all hacked up and put into portions. I figured that eventually, they would come back. I was right because this time they came back with state and more local police. It was a disaster as I watched as my family was arrested for many murders. The police and other local agencies got involved with this case. The Redbarron and his partner Micheal did, in fact, show up to help assist in the arrest of all of my family. This was The Final Act. We finally had closure. This was almost the perfect murder. Writen By: Roger Eugene Feringa

Submitted: June 09, 2018

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