The Stranger

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So a shortish poem I made after reading one of my favourite poems “Hunchback in the park” by Dylan Thomas. So it’s nowhere as good or as beautiful as’s meh. But hope someone gets some
enjoyment from it.

Submitted: June 09, 2018

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Submitted: June 09, 2018



Come now and stare upon the stranger,

As a statue he sits,slumped and solemn.

His forever knitted brow, gazing off

Into the the dew glistening green grass

That rises and falls like his hunched up back.


Alone he sits, and forever will sit.

The world as strange and dangerous to him

As he to them. As the shadows pass

He averts his eyes.

Hoping,in vain, their harsh whispering words

Will not reach him.


But look now, upon the distant hill.

A figure rising with the glorious sun.

And as the stranger sits,

He watches, with mismatched eyes,

Her glide heavenly, down the hill,

Bringing with her all the signs

Of a new summer.


And the stranger rises to the 

Warmth of sunlight on his skin,

The sweet taste of strawberries,

And the sound of songbirds dancing,

Their voices rising above this strange world

To create a heavenly chorus in the sky.

That lifts the stranger high.

Oh so high.


But she has gone.

Replaced by raindrops,

That wet his cheeks like tears.


And so look now,

As the stranger curls up,

And the rain begins to fall.

Watch him drift off to sleep,

And dream of being handsome, straight and tall.

© Copyright 2018 Calum Maclean. All rights reserved.