The Perseverance Of A Doomed Anti-Defeatist

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Originally titled "The Stoic Perseverance Of a Doomed Anti-Defeatist", this is a piece I wrote back in December 2017. It's my illustration of a man who stands by his convictions no matter what.
Even as they nosedive and crash into flames. This man's beliefs and his convictions are what he has chosen to stand for and they have become a vessel under his command and protection. This is a
story about a captain who is proudly going down with his ship, with honor.

Submitted: June 09, 2018

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Submitted: June 09, 2018



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Within my spittal exists shrapnel of blood and puke as spit my guts to speak the truth

I don't pretend to know why anyone would choose to live this way- like choosing half a life

I'm incapable of suicide, not from fear, but of refusal to accept defeat

I'm not built to articulate hopelessness, it's the very thought of giving up that twists the knife

My house is built of Def Con5, F5 Twister, Cat 5 hurricanes- bleak are my conditions 

An apocalyptic blinding blizzard of boiling bleach wouldn't get these bloody stains out

Passion and conviction have leaked from my chest my whole life, soaking all my clothes in blood

If you understood even half of it, then I wouldn't blame you for blowing your brains out

I feel like absolute hell! I've never known a pain quite like this

One more hit is all it would take for me to finally suffer the hit that I don't survive 

Frankly, I'm not even sure that I'll make it to see the end of this one

I constantly keep checking my vital signs...evidently I'm still alive 

A no tap-out showcase paperview fight- life vs. me- life will have to kill me to end it

I'm bull-riding a dropping hellbound nuclear warhead as I give my warcall a violent shout 

Martyrdom be damned! A Kamikaze with a cause and I weren't cut from the same cloth

So as I circle the drain, I'll embrace the pain until survival divides by zero, and cancels out




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