An Epic Story Poem

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A story about love, pain, and soon to be demon slaying

Submitted: June 09, 2018

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Submitted: June 09, 2018



An Epic Story Poem




Pt: 1 Binds


Tied to the binds of my "Queen"

I watch as many more lose their souls to my "Queen"

I wish I could help them

I tried to be the guiding light, to help them escape the dark forest

The moonlight shines through the cracks of her hideout

Is she trying to show me that she is looking for me?

She twists the mechanism to cause me more pain

Why have I not gone unconscious?

I feel my skin being torn apart from these chains

“Do you still love me?” She asks

“I love you with all my heart, my Queen”

“She will never find you. Even if she does you are chained to this wall, forever to be mine. No one will ever love you, but I will.” She says

She is right....dare I say it....she is right

Am I not worthy of another’s love?

Was she worthy of my love?

She slices another piece of my heart...slowly but surely I will be a heartless

At least I will be hers

For I am only worthy of her love

Unless she can save me but how can she find me in labyrinth of the dark forest



Pt: 2 Heartless



My body yearns for freedom from the mechanism my “Queen” has placed me in

I know she is out there looking for me

Why hasn’t she found me yet?

I don’t know how much longer I can last

Every turn she makes, the more blood I lose

She laughs at my pain

“She will never find are not worthy of being loved” she says

She is probably right

I am not worthy of being loved

I truly am trash! Ugly fat trash!

Look how quick I was able to fall into my “Queens” trap

I am a nobody

As I look towards the moonlight, tears begin to flow

Just what have I become?

How far have I fallen?

“You will be with me for the rest of your life, you will see that I will love you more than anyone could have ever loved you”

She grabs my heart and crushes it with all her might

“You are now a heartless, my heartless, now come to me my love” she says

My body is no longer in my control

Soon thereafter my mind will shut down and I will become an obedient servant to my "Queen"

She will finally have the purest soul in her possession to break through Heaven's gate

All she has to do is get through the

With one last shout



Pt.3 Savior



As he hung by the mechanism created by his false love, he began to wonder if she would ever find him

He felt a presence


“Who are you? What do you want?” he had asked

“I am here to save you my love” she replied 

“Go away....I am not meant to be saved no more. She was right all along...I truly am alone” he replied

“How could you say that? Yes she is the most powerful being in the world, and yes she has powers beyond belief. But one thing she doesn’t have is power over you to trust and love again. To believe that someone out there does care for you and is willing to fight and find save you” she says


He turns to her and with the grizzliest look, shows her what he looks like now


“Go away!!!! Do you not see what she has done to me! Do you not see the rotting of half my face? Do you not see the hole in my chest where my heart once was? Do you not see how my body is hanging from these chains! Where were you when I needed you? I called for you! I prayed for you! I yelled out your name to the heavens! An while you weren’t there....she grew stronger and stronger and before I knew it I was lost and alone...she swooped right in for the kill....Go away....I cannot be saved anymore, in 3 days she will complete her mission. She will use my soul to breach the gates of heaven and begin her war...she needed my soul this whole time...Go are too late...I don’t love you anymore...cause when I did love you, you never loved me back. I was right there in front of you but, you chose to ignore me. I was everything you wanted and you looked away from you want to save me???? Go away....she was right all along...who could ever love someone like me...” he said


She looked in misery at what he had become. How could someone as gentle and sweet become twisted by her. An while tears ran down her eyes she still courageously vowed to save his life


“I am sorry....I am sorry. Look at what she has done to you. I have always seen you right in front of me all this time. I just chose not to see you the way you saw me at that time, are paths weren’t meant to intertwine at that moment in time. I was still trying to figure out myself and who I was. We must go through bad things in order to cherish the good. I knew how much you loved me since the moment you laid eyes on me. I am truly sorry that you went through all this but I am here right now to save you. After dealing with everything I now know that you were always there through the good and bad, you stuck by me always. I will save you! I will do it because deep down inside of me I....I LOVE YOU!!!” She replied


He looks at her once again, and sheds tears....


“Go away.......I don't love you anymore...I don’t know if I can ever love again” he says


“I will free your soul from her...I will make you believe in love and in us again” she says


She hears a loud laughter coming from the labyrinth within the dark forest. She has this look of determination, as she approaches the labyrinth she looks back at him one last time


“I will save you....I will save us” she says


(To be continued)

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