Sweet Dead Flowers

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Black. Like airy darkness that swallowed you whole, the air smelled of nothing but of dust and the reeking smell of smoke. An aroma so foul but familiar, so familiar in fact, it scared me to what
it was like formerly, before the darkness, before the screaming. Before everything, only I didn't recognize, what before was like. Memory was, is a troublesome thing. It was my weakness,
technically it was the only weakness I knew I had time being. I used to search through my head, 'Think. Anything. Think!' All I can retain was the white blur of nothing, with the blood curling
realistic sound of a shrill scream from a woman, no, a child. The noise would rattle my bones and execute the wisp of breath I had left in my shaken body.

Table of Contents

The awakening: Annabeth

Submitted: June 09, 2018

I’ve always wondered about how I came to this place, about before. Where everything is just a white blur speckled with f... Read Chapter

Professor Madmoon: Annabeth

Submitted: June 09, 2018

Once buildings but now a pile of rubble stood before my feet. The sky severely contaminated with pollution and chemicals. A wo... Read Chapter