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A children's story written in verse. Chapter 3 of the Animal Antics series... The Pets Take on the Bullies

Submitted: June 09, 2018

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Submitted: June 09, 2018





In the sleepy village of Bishops Gate,

The primary school was planning its fete.

Organisers met to plan the event,

Which was to be lively, fun and different.

Everyone came up with ideas for the day,

To draw in the crowds and tempt them to stay…

Raffle prizes, painting faces,

What about egg and spoon races?

Hot dogs, burgers and homemade cakes,

All washed down with tasty milk shakes.

Stalls inviting people to try,

To win their favourite cuddly toy.

But wait a minute, don’t forget,

What about Shona and her pets?

Children would find them really sweet,

And to meet the animals, would go down a treat.


Shona couldn’t wait to share her news,

And straight away, went to tell her brood.

“Ted, you can give rides, for a small fare.

Clover, you can show how you jump in the air.

Drew & Ivy, I will teach you to dance,

So you can give a fine performance.”

They practised each day, every dance part,

Until they knew every step by heart.

On the day of the fete it was bright and sunny,

And Shona groomed her pets until they were glossy.

They were all excited and ready to be,

Part of the fun and festivity.

They took their place in Shona’s corner,

And waited for the crowds to wander over.

Children and parents queued up eagerly,

To meet Shona’s pets… the celebrities.


Everyone fell in love with the pets,

Everyone, except Baddon and Vilelet.

Baddon and Vilelet were not very nice,

They thought they were better than everyone else.

They played some very wicked games,

And called other children nasty names.

Do as we say, they would demand of their friends,

And sometimes made them feel very scared.

Baddon and Vilelet were out to cause trouble,

And decided to make fun of the pets, for a giggle.

“Animals are dirty,” Vilelet said,

“And what is that?” she said, pointing to Ted

You’re not a pony, you’re much too small,

And you’re scruffy… I don’t like you at all.

“He’s a Shetland pony,” Shona replied,

“Hop on, why don’t you and take a ride.”


Vilelet jumped on his back,

And gave him a whack.

“Is this as fast as you can go?

Your more like a tortoise, you’re going so slow.”

Ted didn’t like Vilelet… he had to admit,

And decided he had taken enough of it.

So he lowered his head, kicked his heels in the air,

And sent her sprawling, with a thud to the floor.

“How dare you, you’ve made me look such a fool…

Embarrassing me in front of the school.”

“Well done said a chum who was standing near,

It’s about time someone got the better of her!”

Baddon whispered to Vilelet, “we’ll get them back,

They’re just silly animals, and that’s a fact.”

So Baddon turned his attention to Clover the goat.

“We’ll have our own back, without a doubt.”


“Hey goat, has anyone told you you’re really ugly,

With those stumpy legs and great big tummy.

I ‘m just a boy, but I can jump higher than you,

You’re a stupid animal, you don’t have a clue.”

Clover didn’t like Baddon… she had to admit,

And decided she had taken enough of it.

She leapt over the fence to where he stood,

Lowered her head, and ran as fast as she could.

Baddon shot off at a blistering pace,

But Clover was faster, and he lost the race.

She butted her head right into his rear,

And sent him flying to the sound of cheers.

“How dare you, you’ve made me look such a fool,

Embarrassing me in front of the school.”

“Well done cried a voice from the middle of a crowd

She’s taught him a lesson, she’s done us proud!”


Baddon got to his feet and rubbed his backside,

While Vilelet rushed over to sympathise.

“Don’t worry we’ll get the better of them yet,

That Shona and her stupid pets.”

She looked at her watch, the time had come

For her to shine, and have some fun.

Out to prove she was better than the rest,

At last, she was ready for the dancing contest.

She bobbed her head and warned the others,

“If I were you I wouldn’t even bother.

You don’t stand a chance in this contest,

Because there is no doubt, I am simply the best.

I’ve been waiting for this moment, I know I will win,

So get to the back so that I can be seen.”

The music started and she took to the floor,

Strutting and swirling, on top of her form.


She performed her routine to perfection,

There’s no-one like me in this competition.

I’m such a star, just listen to the crowd,

They’re going wild, she felt so proud.

But wait a minute, where had they gone,

There was no-one watching, not a single one.

The crowd cheered madly, but not for Vilelet,

They had all moved over to watch the pets.

Ivy & Drew, were strutting their stuff,

And the crowd simply could not get enough.

Vilelet was furious, “I don’t believe it,

I’ve lost the contest to two stupid rabbits.

“How dare you, you’ve made me look such a fool,

Embarrassing me again in front of the school.”

But Baddon and Vilelet learned a lesson that day,

That you cannot always get your own way.


If you do bad things that make others upset,

You are sure to get back, what you give out.

So they stopped playing their wicked games,

And never, ever called other children names.

They found that life could be so much nicer,

When you are thoughtful and kind to one another.

If there’s one thing in life we should all expect,

Is to be shown kindness and respect.

It’s a simple fact, but oh so true…

Be nice to others and they'll be nice to you.



© Copyright 2019 Sue Harris. All rights reserved.

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