Don't Say You Tried

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Her name was Daniela, just in case you wonder who broke my heart this way

Submitted: June 09, 2018

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Submitted: June 09, 2018



She never understood how important she herself was to him; her judgment was clouded by falling in love over and over again with those douche mama boys that never appreciated her and prevented her from grasping the meaning of all the little things he was wont to do for her.

He was caring and loving; he listened to her and wiped away her tears while the rest nurtured them. He brought about happiness when the rest brought about mistrust and despair. She always thought that nobody was going to miss her if she was gone, that nobody’s world was going to stop turning round if she was gone; she never realized that his would.

She took him for granted, she believed that he was going to stay forever. He promised he would, and he really meant to; but his feelings grew old and cold, his heart got squeezed so many times that he eventually gave up. He had to. He really wanted to stay and make her understand that she could be loved, but his heart was so broken that he decided to leave. That was the only option left. He left her.

None of them were happy afterwards; she regretted not learning to love him before, and he regretted having fallen in love with her.

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