The Loving Couple

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Submitted: June 09, 2018

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Submitted: June 09, 2018



The Loving Couple


- Max come up here! Stop smoking and give us a root!

- Yes Carman, I'm comin' Carman!

- Why are you down there anyway Max, standing around in

the nude smoking?

- I like listening to the freight trains Carman.

- Well come up here and give us a root!

- Alright Carman I'm comin'!

- No, no not in my hair Max. I just washed my hair, don't put it

in my hair!

- Alright Carman, alright!

- And turn the lights off will you Max! I don't want to have to look

at your ugly body.

- Alright Carman. Do you hear them Carman?

- Hear what Max?

- Rats Carman. Do you hear rats talkin' in the backyard?

- Rats can't talk Max.

- They say how beautiful you are Carman. They say how much

they love you.

- Do you love me Max?

- I love you Carman, like the rats love you.

- You should clean-up the backyard Max, It's filthy. Get some rat

poison, and get rid of the rats Max. They're filthy, they're vermin!

- But the rats love you Carman.

- Yeh sure Max, that's right...Just there...Yuk! What's that in

my hair?

- I couldn't help it Carman. I love you Carman!

- But you're in me. I can feel you.-

- That's not me Carman. That's a rat!

- A rat?

- Yeh, I brought him up for you!


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