"The civil war face"

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Submitted: June 09, 2018

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Submitted: June 09, 2018



I lived in an apartment above a local restraint down in West Virginia. Off a small town in Fredericksburg. Now this town is home to the civil war and the town is very haunted. I never had any kind of paranormal experiences in my life...that was until 2018. 

I was eating dinner with my family at a restraint across the street from my apartment. In fact we were eating outside and I had a perfect view of my bedroom window up above the restraint I lived at. It was around 10 pm. It was raining pretty hard, I was in the middle of our meal when I noticed a light was on in my room. 

I know I had turned the lights off so naturally this had me a little spooked. My dad told me I was probably worrying for nothing so I agreed and calmed down. Until a few minutes went bye I saw a face staring at me. It was a very pale looking women who was dressed in what looked like clothing from the civil war. 

I immediately jumped and told my parents. I went running to my bedroom. As soon as I got there I threw the door open and nobody was in my room. I took a deep breath and went back down to my dinner. 

I looked again and saw the face staring at me. This time the face wasn't the only person as she was accompanied by an older looking man. I got spooked and ran back and this time I ran into one of the cooks at the restraint and told him what I had seen. 

He told me the building is in fact haunted by a couple during the civil war and the reason my room was so cheap for rent was because they died in the room and tonight was they're anniversary.

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